Amulet of Power

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The Amulet of Power is an item from Atlantis on Earth that boasts incredible powers, like controlling monsters.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

The amulet was one of the things a joint UNECOM/Guardian survey team were searching for on their survey of Atlantis. However, the expedition leader Doctor Janus had designs on the thing himself, and after locating it slipped away from the rest of the team in order to open the Crypt of Dreams, releasing monsters to fight the Guardians as part of his plan to betray them to the Renegades. The Crypt was actually a dimensional gateway, with the Amulet a control device that activated it. The beasts summoned by the Amulet of Power drove the Guardians and UNECOM into retreat before Cy-Kill grabbed it for himself before getting carried away and summoning more monsters than he could control. The Amulet was destroyed by a gorgon and the Renegades fled, with the Guardians able to bring the creatures under control through other means instead. Terror in Atlantis