The Blast of Doom!

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GoBots Magazine
"The Blast of Doom!"
First published Winter 1986
Written by P. E. King
Illustrated by R. Reese
Page count 5

Can Leader-1 stand against Braxis's newest invention?


It's the day before A.J.'s birthday and Nick is planning a "super-duper-ice-cream-scooper cake shaped like a space ship". He asks Scooter to take him to the grocery store to grab the ingredients.

Meanwhile at Thruster, Braxis has invented the phoron gun, which can cause all of the ions within Leader-1's body to "reverse" and cause him to explode. Only Leader-1 and Cy-Kill have enough energy within their bodies for the gun to be effective, but Braxis considers UNECOM easily overcome without Leader-1 in the way. Cy-Kill sets up a trap, getting Pincher through the astrobeam to kidnap one of the Guardians' human allies. Out on Earth, Pincher spots Nick and Scooter, takes the two captive, and brings them to Thruster.

At the Command Center, Leader-1 gets the note from the Renegades telling him to come alone or else Nick and Scooter would meet their end. He does so, and arrives at Thruster to confront the Renegades. After Cy-Kill makes his leave to not be affected by the phoron gun, Braxis takes out the weapon, but Scooter's uses his holograms to create a duplicate Leader-1. Confused, Braxis shoots the illusion, giving Leader-1 the opportunity to destroy the gun and flee with his friends.

At the Command Center, the Guardians celebrate A.J.'s birthday and their victory over the Renegades. Leader-1 worries that they'll just make another phoron gun, but Scooter reveals he made a nice trade while at Thruster: the plans for the phoron gun for the recipe for Nick's birthday cake!

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