Race to the Stars

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Heroic Champions
Race to the Stars
Publisher Western Publishing Company
First published 1985
Written by Jack C. Harris
Illustrated by Dan Spiegle
Cover art Jeffrey Oh
Page count 32

Braxis builds a robot version of Matt.


The Guardians and their human allies return from their secret base, unaware that their coming and going is making Professor Braxis suspicious. Braxis uses his Pass-thru-izer to steal equipment from a warehouse on the Astrobase, and locks Matt in a storage room the next day.

Braxis meets with the Renegade GoBots and constructs a robot Matt Hunter. Scooter assumes it must be a malfunction when the Command Center sets off the alarm, but A.J. realizes that "Matt" is an imposter from the first thing he says after she confirms there's nothing wrong with it; the fact that he calls Guardian Base "our secret base".

Leader-1, Nick, and A.J. return to Earth to find the real Matt, and then back to the base, where the Renegades are attacking after Scooter and Turbo ignored the alarm again. Leader-1 ejects the robot Matt and blasts it, causing two bolts of energy to shoot out; one destroying Guardian Base, the other destroying Braxis's tracking site.

Everyone gets out without a scratch, and A.J. hopes that next time they won't have to shoot someone that looks like Matt to win.

Featured characters[edit]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Guardians Renegades Humans Others
  • Robot Matt (11)


  • Matt, Nick, and A.J. work for AstroCorps, which seems to just be UNECOM with another name.
  • Braxis's collaboration with the Renegades has not been discovered, so he's at AstroCorps too.
  • Not only is Braxis the main villain here, Cy-Kill and the Renegades don't even have any dialogue.
  • Braxis is oddly prone to following people around and thinking about how well his plan is going.
  • The destruction of the robot sending bolts toward Guardian Base and its tracking site makes even less sense than usual cases of inexplicably linked destruction.