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Wrecks is an old GoBot living in Old GoBotron who trains gladiators.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: ?
LostonGobotron wrecks and matt.jpg

Wrecks made a living in Old GoBotron by arranging gladiatorial battles and running a network of Urchin pick-pockets. When Matt Hunter, A.J. Foster and Nick Burns strayed onto his patch he took them prisoner. He put the cadets on display at a freakshow - which provides a distraction for his gang to rob the gawpers - and forces Matt to become a gladiator, promising the human freedom if he won a fight. However when Cy-Kill, Fly Trap and Gorn arrived looking for them, Wrecks had the humans smuggled out of his arena via a secret passage. They found out he was actually a kindly if avuncular character who looks after his band as best he can in the tough world of Old GoBotron. He got the humans back to Leader-1. Impressed, the Guardian offered him a chance to join the Guardians but Wrecks instead opted to remain in Old GoBotron to help those living there. Lost on GoBotron


  • Wrecks was devised for the series and isn't seen to change into a vehicle in the episode; considering the episode's reference to "Modifier rejects" he may not be able to.
  • His name is a double pun - Wrecks because he's an old wreck, and because it sounds like 'rex' and he's king of the streets of Old GoBotron. Double groan.