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Antarctica is a continent at the South Pole of the planet Earth. It is cold and sparsely populated.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

After Professor Robert Frost was fired from the military due to dissatisfaction with his Climatizer he decamped to Antarctica to build the machine, aided by his nephew Sidney. The pair contactedGeneral Newcastle to announce Frost would be selling the powerful Climatizer's service off to the highest bidder. Unfortunately for them while UNECOM couldn't trace him the Renegades could. They found the Professor and Sidney chilling in a tropical oasis they had created in the middle on Antarctica but Frost was initially unflustered by the arrival of Cy-Kill and his minions as he had thought to surround them with a forcefield. However, Cy-Kill had packed Screw Head, who simply drilled under their defences and take control of the Climatizer. Frost and Sidney were set adrift on an iceberg, with the Renegades instead taking over the climate extortion racket. When the Guardians arrived in the Command Center, with Scooter and Dive-Dive left on watch duty while Leader-1 and Turbo went in to attack - only for Cy-Kill to freeze them in a block of ice. Thankfully Dive-Dive and Nick Burns spotted Frost and Sidney adrift and saved them; in return the pair told them how to destroy the Climatizer. Despite the Renegades' low opinion of Dive-Dive's battle readiness the Guardian was able to shoot down Cop-Tur and destroy the Climatizer's submerged antenna. The resulting chain reaction destroyed the machine, freezing Cy-Kill in a block of ice and saving Earth.Cold Spell Cy-Kill later used Antarctica as the location for his polarity invertor, planning to invert Earth's magnetic field. However the Guardians eventually arrived; Leader-1, Turbo and Road Ranger were able to keep the Renegades busy long enough for Scooter to disable the device's force field, at which point Leader-1 was able to destroy it. Wolf in the Fold