Crypt of Dreams

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The Crypt of Dreams is a dimensional portal in Atlantis, which can be controlled by the Amulet of Power.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

After learning of the existence of the Crypt of Dreams, Doctor Janus contrived to lead a joint Guardian/UNECOM expedition to the lost city - while also making an alliance with Cy-Kill, planning to use Atlantis' power for evil. After finding the Amulet of Power the Renegades attacked the expedition, allowing Janus to slip away and find the Crypt. He called through a minotaur and turned the creature on Cy-Kill as well, forcing the Renegades to do the Doctor's bidding. He also called through furies and a dragon before Cy-Kill seized control of the amulet, adding a griffon, a cyclops and a gorgon to the menagerie. Typically he then lost control of the beasts and the Guardians had to bring them under control. Terror in Atlantis