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The Tramulet is a powerful three-piece crystal possessed by the elders of Tri-Ceti. All three pieces combined can create impenetrable forcefields which can be projected around anything, including suns and planets.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

When the Renegades invaded Tri-Ceti the elders along with Trevor and Troilene were able to escape captivity. The Guardians had picked up radio chatter of the invasion and set off to help but on arrival were mistaken for more Renegades and trapped in a forcefield projected from the Tramulet. This was seen by Cy-Kill, who soon realised how useful the device could be for him. While an initial attempt to capture it was unsuccessful the Renegades were able to take Troilene and later Cyrus; faced with threats to the rest of the population the other two elders gave themselves up, meaning Cy-Kill had control of all three elements of the Tramulet. The Renegades soon built an amplifier to boost the device's power, even using it to blot out one of Tri-Ceti's suns. Not wanting the device to be harnessed by evil, the Trindles and the Guardians decided to destroy Tri-Ceti, evacuating in an ark and the Command Center before blowing up the planet with antimatter detonators. However, Cy-Kill realised their plan and fled, throwing up a forcefield around Tri-Ceti that prevented both ships from leaving the exploding planet. Renegade Rampage, Part I However, Scooter was able to detect a weak spot in the forcefield, allowing both the ark and the Command Center to escape the destruction of Tri-Ceti. However, the Renegades had built a somnalizer component into the amplifier, which knocked out anyone inside the forcefields the Tramulet projected. They began using it on numerous facilities and settlements on Earth. Aided by Trevor and Troilene, who was given a ring that would help detect the device by the elders, the Guardians attempted to stop them, and after a ruse involving a giant statue of Cy-Kill the human Matt Hunter was able to snatch back two parts of the Tramulet. Scooter was later able to sneak onboard Thruster and get the third, which was recovered with the help of Leader-1. The elders were then able to use its' power to reassemble the Tri-Ceti, and the Trindles returned home. The Renegades' Rampage, Part II

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