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The Inverta-ray is a device invented by Doctor Mobius. It is capable of destroying planets by inverting the polarity of their cores, and is powered by Plutocite.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Mobius became increasingly obsessed with perfecting the inverta-ray during his posting on an isolated UNECOM space station in the Omega Quadrant, but his testing of a scale model of the weapon was disrupted by his son Danny getting his toy gyroscope in the way. Soon after the Renegades turned up and offered Mobius a chance to get recognition of his genius by putting the device at their disposal. The disillusioned scientist agreed to construct a full-scale version of the Inverta-ray, and they took him to Pluto to mine the Plutocite needed to power the device. When the Guardians arrived to stop him Mobius turned the ray on them, nearly causing the Command Center and all onboard it to blink out of existence - until he realised Danny was among them. He switched it off but the Renegades turned on him, imprisoning the scientist and using the Brainstormer to get the knowledge of the device they needed. They then set it up on a planetoid near GoBotron and announced they would destroy the planet with the Inverta-ray unless Zeemon and the Guardian Council recognised Cy-Kill as the planet's overlord. Zebediah Braxis fired the device at GoBotron when the Guardians arrived to stop them, but he was tricked into firing a hologram of the planet projected by Scooter. He realised and readjusted the aim, only to then be Astrobeamed to GoBotron along with Cy-Kill by Danny. The Renegades retreated but the inverta-ray was still active - and protected by a forcefield. Thankfully Danny's quick thinking saved the planet, as he once again used his toy gyroscope to disable the device, which then exploded. Genius and Son


  • It's not entirely sure whether UNECOM wanted Mobius to build a planet-destroying weapon or if he did it on his own initiative. It wouldn't be the last time the supposedly benevolent organisation was involved in backing a machine with horrifying implications.