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Buddy is a tomboyish teenage human inventor and computer genius. She lives with her politely baffled mother.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Noelle North

Before making the spectrometer for a science class, Buddy had already built an asynchronous modem and used a computer to alter all the grades on her report card. She seemed oblivious to the potentially damaging aspects of her inventions, happily taking control of three "alpha frequency" robots without stopping for a second to wonder if she should. When a combined Guardian and UNECOM dragnet descended on her house she was surprised to find it was anything to do with her, though interrogation from Leader-1 and General Newcastle soon realise she inadvertently took control of the Guardians via the alpha frequencies they use. She makes fast friends with Nick and together they pitched in on repairing Scooter, who was damaged in the incident, fitting him with a new beryllium plate. Buddy was fascinated by the news that Renegades operate on beta frequencies, and offers to try adapting her probe to control the bta Frequencies used by the Renegades. Leader-1 instead told her not to use the device ever again and turned down her request to join the Guardian Apprentice Programme before returning Buddy home.

Determined to get on the programme, Buddy pressed ahead with adapting it to Beta Frequencies and is able to briefly gain control of Cop-Tur. However, the Renegades tracked her signal; Cy-Kill, Crasher, Spoiler, Slicks, Cop-Tur and Stinger descended on her house. Buddy managed to destroy her machine but Stinger grabbed her and the remains of the device. Cy-Kill it could be used against the Guardians and Buddy was taken back to Roguestar and put through the Brainstormer by Dr. Go, who used the information to build his own version and took control of the Guardians. Buddy was imprisoned on Roguestar but found and released by Scooter and Nick, helping them gain control of Dr. Go's device and foiling Cy-Kill's plans. Her enthusiasm and inventiveness were undimmed by the ordeal as she immediately came up with plans to link all of Earth's satellites before settling for showing Nick her computer. Whiz Kid