Lois Ransom

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Doctor Lois Ransom is a human archaeologist who works with the Guardians and UNECOM, and with the difficult Doctor Janus.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Lois was part of the joint Guardian/UNECOM expedition commanded by Janus to the lost continent of Atlantis, expressing considerable excitement about the discovery. She displayed a considerable tolerance of Janus' cranky behaviour and rapidly seemed to take a shine to escort Matt Hunter. She showed some interest in Janus' research on the Amulet of Power, which resulted in a nasty reaction from her colleague. It soon became clear Janus was in fact in possession of the Amulet and in league with Cy-Kill, who buried her and most of the rest of the expedition under a huge pile of ice. Thankfully Scooter was able to free them and in the subsequent battle Cy-Kill was forced into retreat when he lost control of the amulet. Once all the villains were sorted out her enthusiasm for both Atlantis and Matt were undimmed, even after the latter implied any further expeditions would still likely be under the command of her chippy, villainous colleague. Terror in Atlantis