Doctor Janus

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Doctor Janus is a human archaeologist who works with the Guardians and UNECOM, but is secretly in pursuit of personal power. Like all villains he has a habit of overcomplicating his plans.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Jonathan Harris

Doctor Janus discovered a route to the lost continent of Atlantis and discovered the Amulet of Power. However, wanting to use it for his own means and insulted by scepticism of his claims Janus struck up an alliance with Cy-Kill, leading a joint Guardian/UNECOM team into a trap in Atlantis itself. While they squabbled he used the Amulet to unlock the Crypt of Dreams and release the Minotaur, which he used to beat Cy-Kill into submission. However, soon after the Amulet fell into the possession of the Renegade. With his own plans in ruins he apologised to the UNECOM staff and gave some advice as they were eventually able to overcome Cy-Kill and the creatures he unleashed. As he had said sorry for his attempts to take over the world with creatures from another dimension he was set to be put in charge of the subsequent UNECOM exploratory expedition to Atlantis.Terror in Atlantis