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ThoughtThatCounts scooter and clive.jpg

Clive is a human. He's skeevy. Really skeevy.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Joe Medalis

Scooter headed out from a secret UNECOM base in Utah when he detected the arrival of a meteor. However, it was a Renegade trap and he was attacked by a metallic tentacle thing. Scooter converted to get away but passed out on the side of the road; however, before the Renegades could recover him the Guardian faced the worse fate of being found by Clive, who mistook him for a normal scooter, and thrown in his creeper van. The following day Leader-1 and Turbo noticed Scooter was missing and set out to look for him. Turbo and A.J. spotted Clive riding Scooter around and followed him through Salt Lake City - until the human inadvertently activated Scooter's hologram projector and disguised them both as a truck. However, moments later Cop-Tur found him, gave him a much-deserved clonking and took Scooter away. Clive was then found by Turbo and A.J., who told them about Cop-Tur and tried to hit on A.J., who did the world a favour by taking him off the streets and locking him in a cell. Scooter soon returned to the base but despite his massive change in personality none of the Guardians seemed to realise he had been brainwashed by the Renegades. Clive meanwhile escaped from his cell and tried to steal Scooter just as he was hacking the base's computers, and diverted him into a powerbank. The resulting jolt of electricity brought Scooter back to his normal self, and explained that Clive meant him no harm. Forewarned of the Renegades' plans to slip into the base, the Guardians were able to set a trap. Sadly, Professor Von Joy happened. Nevertheless, the Guardians thanked Clive for his unintentional help, and he was creepy about it. It's the Thought that Counts