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Tinotchka is a self-important and incredibly thick human wizard.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: ?
Oh look - another powerful, gullible idiot.

Tinotchka lived by himself in an old cave system, presumably because no-one could bear to be around him. He used his considerably magical powers floating around so the Renegades would pay attention to him. They were in the area to harness the magical energy that they had detected and Tinotchka attempted to discourage them with vague, portentous threats before deactivating their Stealth Device, allowing the Guardians to detect their activity. In the subsequent battle the Renegade base was destroyed and Tinotchka transported Cy-Kill away to bore him personally with a long ramble about he was an immortal shaman. Cy-Kill then promptly seized one of the statues laying around Tinotchka's cave, having realised they gave the shaman life and threatening them would coerce Tinotchka into doing his bidding. Good work, Tinotchka. As such he was forced to undertake in the apparent destruction of UNECOM's Deep Sea Platform and the capture of Scooter, though he visibly aged when away from his cave. Tinotchka confessed to Scooter that the platform's destruction was all an illusion and used further tricks to convince Cy-Kill to release him and eventually the Guardians won out. Tinotchka returned to comparative youth once back in his cave but then died anyway as his statue crumbled away, spouting some nonsense about there always being magic in the world to an indifferent Scooter as he finally died. The Last Magic Man