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The Starfish is an undersea Renegade base.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

The Renegades prefabricated the Starfish base and landed under cover of a meteor shower, evading Guardian detection and landing it successfully off Maru Maru Island. The base was equipped with a powerful tractor beam which pulled down freighters spotted by Water Walk, allowing the Renegades to strip them off their cargo; as it also had a Stealth Device and a forcefield. While their first target, a ship carrying titanium, was able to get a distress call off to UNECOM by the time the Guardians arrived it had been taken under without a trace. Neither a witness report from Maru Maru natives Woki and Katu nor the arrival of Dive-Dive were enough to locate the Starfish. Despite Flip Top being assigned to guard it the Renegades were then able to take the SS Vega and its' cargo of vanadium. The crews of the captured ships were put to work on expanding the Starfish. However, the Guardians were able to deduce that the next element the Renegades would be after was chromium. They loaded a freighter with the metal along with Turbo, Scooter, Matt Hunter, Nick Burns and stowaway Katu, which was sent into the area. Flip Top, along as escort, feigned defeat when attacked by Water Walk. The humans were able to sneak past Crasher and Matt deactivated the stealth device, allowing Dive-Dive to locate it. After a battle with Cy-Kill, Crasher and Cop-Tur, Turbo was able to deactivate the forcefield while Scooter forced the Starfish towards the surface. Dive-Dive blew a hole through the wall and saved his fellow Guardians while the remaining base was surrounded by Leader-1 and a naval flotilla, causing the Renegades to abandon it and retreat in Thruster. Depth Charge