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Leader-1 is the heroic leader of the Guardians. Wherever Cy-Kill and the Renegades aim to spread evil, Leader-1 will always be there to fight for justice!


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Fun Publications[edit]

Transformers Timelines[edit]

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The event known as the Cataclysm threatened the fundamental stability of Leader-1's reality. Over a period of two years, the Cataclysm Survival Treaty brought Guardians and Renegades together in a strained peace to find the source of their universe's deconstruction.

Nevertheless, Leader-1 was appalled at Doctor Braxis's revival of the Dimensional Interfacer technology in exploring the problem. On the twenty-second level, Braxis identified the source of the Cataclysm, apparently spawning from endless warfare between two robotic factions called Autobots and Decepticons. Cy-Kill's first instinct was to invade Level 22 and annihilate these Transformers, but Leader-1 insisted on caution. Scouts would be sent through the Interfacer first to examine the Transformers' universe and determine what exactly was causing the Cataclysm. Withered Hope

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Renegade Rhetoric[edit]

"Brain Problem Situation"[edit]

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"Echoes and Fragments"[edit]

Echoes and Fragments



  • Leader-1 (GoBots, 1983/1985)
    • Friendly Robot Leader
    • ID Number: 25
Derived from the Machine Robo Eagle Robo toy, Leader-1 transformed from robot to F-15 Eagle jet fighter.

  • Guardian Gift Pack #1 (GoBots Gift Pack, 1985)
Leader-1 was released in a gift pack with Flip Top and Turbo. All three toys were unchanged from their original releases.

  • Leader-1 (GoBots, 1985)
    • Friendly Robot Leader
    • ID Number: 44
The regular-size Leader-1 mold was redone in a blue and white color scheme, with additional military style detailing.

  • Leader-1 (Super GoBots, 1985)
    • Friendly Robot Leader
    • ID Number: 024
A straight import of the Machine Robo Big Eagle Robo toy, a scaled-up version of Leader-1 transforms from robot to F-15 Eagle.

Machine Men[edit]

  • F. 15 Man (Machine Men, 1983/1984)
    • Friendly Robot (1984)
    • ID Number: 17
The fifth toy from the third wave of figures, F. 15 Man was released by Bandai Australia in 1983. He remained identical to the original Eagle Robo toy, albeit packaged on a blue backing card.
In 1984, the figure was re-released with his GoBots name and faction on a new black backing card depicting a yellow-tinted alien landscape.

  • Leader-1 (Super Machine Men, 1984)
    • Friendly Robot
The scaled-up version of Leader-1, identical to the Big Eagle Robo toy but packaged in a new box, was among the ten figures released under the "Series 2" banner.

  • Leader-1 (Machine Men, 1986)
    • Friendly Robot
As part of a cross-promotion between Bandai Australia, Hanimex Cameras, and Nabisco Brands, a limited edition 'polished chrome' Leader-1 figure was made available in 1986. Within specially-marked Nabisco products (such as Vita.Brits cereal) were 10 different Machine Men stickers to collect. On the back of each sticker was a voucher, which people could fill in and give, along with a roll of film, to any participating photo labs. Upon completion, the recipient would receive both their new glossy prints and the free Leader-1.
It is unknown how many chrome Leader-1s were produced.


Convertible Model Kit[edit]

  • Leader-1
An adaptation of the MOSPEADA Legioss Alpha fighter model kit, when fully assembled it can convert between robot and jet fighter. The kit looks virtually nothing like Leader-1 usually does.


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