Space Wars II

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Machine Men
Toy Comics
"Space Wars II"
Publisher Bandai Australia
First published 1985
Page count 6
Price Free

The Enemy Machine Men hatch their latest plan; the invasion of Australia!


The Space Wars are over, and the Friendly Machine Men have managed to save Earth and reclaim their home planet Robotron. To ensure both worlds are never put at risk again, Cy-Kill and his Enemy Machine Men were imprisoned within a pyramid-shaped laser beam gaol.

Unbeknownst to the Friendlies, Cy-Kill has already concocted an escape plan, which Bug Bite agrees with. The mighty Zod should be powerful enough to make short work of the lasers. Almost as if on cue, the gigantic machine rams directly into laser projector, successfully freeing the Enemies. Cy-Kill launches immediately alongside his troops, their plan to once more conquer Earth and enslave mankind, with Australia being the first target.

Leader-1, head of the Robotron Security Force, discusses the breakout with Zeemon and Baron Von Joy. They realize what the Enemy Machine Men are plotting, and the trio head to Earth. Upon arrival, they locate the Cy-Kill's forces and land in front of them. The Enemies convert to their robot forms, and both sides begin an epic battle with the fate of the solar system at stake.

To be continued...

Featured characters[edit]

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Continuity notes[edit]

  • While the title implies the story is a sequel to the previous issue, none of the events in "Space Wars" are ever mentioned. Indeed, the mention of Robotron as the home planet of the Machine Men, and the Friendly Machine Men seeming to have control of the planet, goes some way to contradicting the first mini-comic's claims the Friendlies were Earth lifeforms.


  • Staks is depicted as an Enemy, despite being marketed and sold as a Friendly figure.

Miscellaneous errors[edit]

  • Despite having a Super scaled figure, Cy-Kill is based on his original small toy.


  • All characters in the story were part of the Super Machine Men line.
  • Baron Von Joy's gold colouration was in reference to a special prize version of the figure issued in Australia.
  • This comic was given away free at Australian retailers in late 1985 to promote the Machine Men toyline. In addition to the 6-page strip it included a two-page photo spread 'catalogue'.

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