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Danny Mobius is a young human, and son of the scientist Doctor Mobius. His hair is remarkable.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Josh Rodine

Due to UNECOM's poor understanding of children they felt it was entirely appropriate to station Danny and his father on a half-forgotten science station in the Omega Quadrant. With his father becoming increasingly embittered and obsessed with devising the Inverta-ray Danny played with a toy gyroscope and, when this got him told off after it nearly wrecked his father's research, playing around in one of the station's flight pods and pretending to be Leader-1. His make-believe became all too real when the Guardians and Renegades turned up at the station, with the latter - thanks to Zebediah Braxis - able to persuade Mobius Senior to join up with them. Danny was left on the station and saved by the Guardians. While he was told by the Guardians to stay alone on the damaged space station he instead sneaked onboard the Command Center when they chased after the Renegades, which saved the Guardians when Mobius turned the Inverta-ray on their ship as they approached Pluto - it was the sight of Danny that persuaded Mobius to turn off the device. However, this led to his father being imprisoned by the Renegades. While the Guardians tried to simply get Danny to go to sleep while his father was held prisoner but instead Danny sneaked off to rescue his father using a pod and his radar watch, tracking them to a planetoid overlooking GoBotron. However, Danny was caught and imprisoned with his father. Mobius senior was able to rework the radar watch to allow Danny to escape their cell as the Guardians arrived, and in the midst of the fight the boy accidentally Astrobeamed Cy-Kill and Braxis to GoBotron, forcing the Renegades to change their plan. However, the Inverta-ray was out of control and set to destroy GoBotron anyway - until Danny remembered the effect his gyroscope had on the ray. Tossing the toy in its' path wrecked the device, and Danny's father apologised to him and pledged his intelligence to defeating the Renegades. Genius and Son