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Doctor Mobius is a human scientist who works for UNECOM. He is the inventor of the Inverta-ray and father of Danny Mobius.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Alan Oppenheimer
GeniusandSon braxis and mobius.jpg

Mobius was a former colleague of Zebediah Braxis before the NASA scientist sided with the Renegades. For reasons unknown, UNECOM chose to station Mobius and his young son on a backwater space station in the Omega Quadrant. There Mobius became embittered at being side-lined, and devoted his energy to perfecting the Inverta-ray, considering Danny an impediment to his work. Both the Renegades and the Guardians arrived at the station just as he finished his work on a model of the Inverta-ray. Braxis and Cy-Kill Astrobeamed to the station while the battle between Thruster and the Command Center raged, with Braxis persuading Mobius that putting his device in their service would prove his intellect to the world. He agreed, as long as the Renegades ceased their attack so as not to endanger Danny. The Renegades rapidly agreed to built a full-scale Inverta-ray and began mining Plutocite to power the device. When the Guardians arrived to stop them Mobius fired the device on the Command Center, which began to disappear from existence - until he realised Danny had stowed away on the ship, at which point he turned the device off again. A furious Crasher prepared to kill Mobius but Cy-Kill stopped her, and the scientist was rapidly turned from Renegade ally to hostage, with the villains threatening to tear him apart if the Guardians didn't let them leave Pluto without harassment. Mobius was then imprisoned onboard Thruster and subjected to Brainstorming, allowing Braxis to complete the work. The Renegades then threatened to destroy GoBotron with the Inverta-ray unless Cy-Kill was installed as the planet's Overlord. Danny later freed him and was able to disable the out-of-control Inverta-ray, leaving the contrite Mobius to thank his son and pledge his intelligence to defeating the Renegades. Genius and Son