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Aside from the toyline and cartoon, GoBots were also featured in other media. Prominent among these were a number of books.

Western Publishing Company[edit]

This long-running children's book publisher offered GoBots titles in several of its ranges.

Promotional storybook[edit]

Various Golden activity books[edit]

Golden Heroic Champions[edit]

This hardcover series presented adventures from several '80s toy properties, such as Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power, in addition to the GoBots titles listed here.

Golden Super Adventure[edit]

This series was printed in softcover, in a size and style similar to the book and record titles common at the time. Western also used the series to print Masters of the Universe brand titles.

World Distributors[edit]

Known for their media tie-in annuals, this British company released several GoBots titles.

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Mini World[edit]

Little Owl[edit]