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We've arrived! The GoBots Wiki needs your help to become a comprehensive GoBots database!

If you've begun working on a specific article, please add it to the list below and sign your username (with four tildes: ~~~~), so that other users know not to start on the same thing!

(Old discussion archived at GoBots Wiki:WIPs/Archive 1 due to most being long abandoned.)

Carry-All (talk) 11:54, 10 August 2021 (UTC)

  • Something any passers-by could really help with is captions for the various images. The pages can be dry and humourless without them, and it's not my forte.

Carry-All (talk) 12:24, 10 August 2021 (UTC)

To Do List[edit source]

Feel free to pick something! =)

Revenge of Cronos & Wolf Sword Legend[edit source]

Awaiting Discotek release before further cartoon-related additions seems smart.

Machine Robo Rescue[edit source]

All sections a bit stubby/red linky but I'm hoping it's laying the groundwork for a full guide, which I will probably start towards the end of the month.

Machine Men[edit source]

Feel like the toyline article needs a ground-up rebuild. On the list.

Articles needed[edit source]

MRR[edit source]

Mysteries[edit source]

Updated allery of mysteries! GoBots Wiki:Mysteries Any thoughts welcome!

Questions[edit source]

Unknown Alt Modes[edit source]

Unidentified alt modes that may be modelled on real vehicles that have still not been ID'd:

Wendy's[edit source]

  • If anyone has...
    • Dates for the promo
    • Confirmation the activity books themselves were free
    • More info about the mini-comics
    • Was there more than one box strip?

Destroyer (ARCO)[edit source]

  • Destroyer (Arco) - confirmation needed badly of a GoBots release, see the talk page for discussion.

Newspaper comic[edit source]

  • More information, mainly whether it was completed and how it finished, would be amazing.

Argentine comic[edit source]

  • Information about format, artists, content of the comic beyond the GoBots strip etc. would be awesome.

Challenge of the GoBots[edit source]

Machine Robo[edit source]

  • Anything establishing whether or not Apache Robo and Big Apache Robo are the same guy like Bike Robo or different like the shuttle and trailer?

Battle Hackers[edit source]

  • Does anyone know who Pattsuri (パッツリ) (listed on Japanese Wikipedia a/o as one of the Gurendos) is?

Robo Machine[edit source]

  • Anyone confirm or deny that Thruster was issued in Europe? Advertised in a couple of catalogues, including Argos, but no picture of a Robo Machine box or paperwork.
  • Name of the narrator for the Tempo cassettes?

Revenge of the GoBots[edit source]

  • Information about reliability of online episode titles

See also[edit source]