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Doctor Helstrom is a human scientist who works with the Guardians and UNECOM, but is secretly in the pay of the Renegades.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: ?

Helstrom built a psychic amplifier to boost the talents of Mira Shaw for UNECOM but progress on the machine was slow and its' operation actually drained the woman. The reason for this soon became clear when he placed a transmitter in her hotel room, signalling her location to the Renegades. Block Head arrived shortly afterwards to abduct the psychic herself but the Renegade welched on the deal Helstrom had struck with Cy-Kill by leaving the scientist behind, where he was captured by Matt Hunter and A.J. Foster. A.J. thought little of his attempts to weasel out of things, informing him he could tell the judge, and he was imprisoned at UNECOM Headquarters with fellow Renegade stooge Wheeling.Renegade Carnival

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