1985 Tonka Catalog

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Tonka Catalogs
1985 Catalog
Publisher Tonka
First published 1984
Page count 80

The 1985 Catalog for Tonka Toys, sometimes known as Tonka - The Magic is Here! from the blurb on the cover, was a dealer catalogue produced by the company in 1984. It was not intended for public consumption, but as promotion for the company's toys to retailers and the like. As such it contains considerable interesting information on the GoBots toyline if you're into geeky stuff like that. And if you've made it this far you probably are.

After its' strong performance in late 1983 and early 1984, GoBots was promoted to headliner status, occupying the first 20 pages. The rest of the catalogue features other Tonka toylines including Trucks, Power Action, Pound Puppies and Star Fairies (no, we don't remember them either). It still uses the Friendly and Enemy faction 'names'.


Pages 2-3 - GoBot Magic[edit]


Introductory pitch.

Pages 4-5 - Friendly Assortment[edit]


The second series GoBots Friendly Assortment.

Pages 6-7 - Enemy Assortment[edit]


The second series GoBots Enemy Assortment. Includes the cancelled Snoop. Stinger appears to be a prototype, with an unpainted head and waist stickers that were omitted from the final release.

Pages 8-9 - Hot Shot Assortment[edit]


The second series GoBots Hot Shot Assortment (a mix of Friendly and Enemy figures). Sparky appears to be a prototype with a different head cast.

Pages 10-11 - Gift Packs and Collector's Case[edit]


The Gift Packs (including Snoop against) and GoBots Collector's Case.

Pages 12-13 - Power Suits[edit]


Despite the use of the plural, only a single set is shown, and that used the Japanese Battle Armor 5 version of the Power Warrior, Spaceship and Power Suits are shown.

Pages 14-15 - Puzzler[edit]


Puzzler and his members are mentioned to be Friendly. Rube and Zig Zag appear to be prototypes, with chests featuring a different mechanism for pushing the heads up.

Pages 16-17 - Super GoBots[edit]


The two Super GoBots assortments. Leader-1 appears to be a prototype, with a different-coloured cockpit and less mental stickers.

Pages 18-19 - Accessories[edit]


Staks Transport, Scales, Zod and Messenger Vehicles (later changed to Boomers).

Pages 20-21 - Playsets[edit]


The missing page presumably included Thruster as well.