Molecular Transfuser

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The Molecular transfuser is a Renegade device invented by Doctor Go. It can shrink anything.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots fiction[edit | edit source]

CyKillsShrinkingRay molecular transfuser.jpg

Cy-Kill decided the molecular transfuser was best utilised on Earth, where the Renegades had a secret base in an abandoned apartment building. He decided the best way of showing the device's function to Crasher, Cop-Tur, Scorp and Pincher was firing it out of a random window at a postal van. While he returned the vehicle to full size before the postal worker even noticed his demonstration was spotted by Guardians fanboy Nathan in a neighbouring building. However, as Nathan had a habit of making things up neither his best friend John or Nathan's mother believed his tale. Cy-Kill then launched a scheme to use the device against the Guardians, capturing Turbo and using him to lure Leader-1 and Scooter, with all three Guardians being shrunk down to around 3 inches tall in robot mode. However, this backfired as the tiny Guardians were able to escape and were inadvertently rescued by Nathan, who mistook them for the toy GoBots he had collected from officially licenced merchandisers. Instead of just attacking the boy and taking them, Cy-Kill being Cy-Kill decided the best route was to shrink himself, Crasher, Cop-Tur and Scales down to the same size and then sneak into Nathan's room. However, the Guardians were able to make contact with Nathan, who captured the molecular transfuser. In the subsequent kerfuffle both groups of GoBots were returned to full size and the Renegades ran off, destroying the device as they left. Cy-Kill's Shrinking Ray