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The Pulsar Generator is a device built by Doctor Braxis, capable of controlling the minds of any human being in its' range - unless they have a frequency neutralizer.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

ConquestofEarth pulsar generator.jpg

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

Doctor Braxis devised the device while still working at NASA but kept it to himself as he didn't have a power source. When he made contact with the Renegades and formed an alliance with them the pulsar generator was a key part of their plan, especially as the Renegades would be able to get the sorium needed to power the device. Once Cy-Kill had used Earth's population to build an army of Zods to conquer GoBotron he would then hand the human race over to the control of Braxis. Battle for GoBotron The Renegades were able to steal the sorium from its' creator Anya Turgenova after a raid on her Stolbovoy Island laboratory, and then identified the NORAD satellite network as the best way of projecting the generator's influence all over the world. Despite Matt Hunter trying to warn General Lindley of the plot, the Renegades and Braxis were able to activate the device before the Guardians could stop them. With the Cheyenne Mountain and the Guardians' human allies under their control the Renegades surrounded their enemies, with Leader-1 buying Turbo and Scooter time to escape at the expense of getting captured. Conquest of Earth The device was a resounding success, controlling the entire population of Earth, though Cy-Kill refused to allow Braxis to take control of even a states' worth of humanity until GoBotron had fallen. Every human on the planet hounded Turbo and Scooter for weeks. However, Scooter was able to scrounge up parts to make frequency neutralizers for A.J. Foster and Nick Burns before narrowly escaping the Renegade Tank and an army of enslaved humans. The rest of the world's population meanwhile were put to work by Cy-Kill on making an army of Zods to conquer GoBotron, though the Guardians were soon able to free Matt and Anya as well. Earthbound Leader-1 was also able to escape and together the group were able to trick their way back inside Cheyenne Mountain and soon overcame the Renegades. Battered, Cy-Kill decided to leave Earth, setting the pulsar generator to self-destruct to spite Braxis before leaving by Astrobeam. The sorium in the device would have destroyed Earth but Leader-1 thought quickly and was able to Astrobeam the generator into the path of the Zods, saving Earth and GoBotron.The Final Conflict