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Monique Thierry (Born March 26, 1940, Hérault as Monique Andrée Georgette Marie Le Bout de Chateau-Thierry de Beaumanoir; died July 30, 2021) was a French actress.

Most of her live-action roles were small despite a promising role in The New Adventures of Vidocq, so she moved into dubbing, becoming the French voice of several actresses including Goldie Hawn, Kathy Bates, Sally Field, Anjelica Huston, Meryl Streep and Linda Carter for the Wonder Woman TV series. By the 1980s she began to move into voice acting for cartoons, including René Laloux's Les Maîtres du temps and Olive Oyl in various Popeye cartoons.

For Les Defi des GoBots, the French dub of Challenge of the GoBots, she voiced Demo and UFO, pulling the same double-duty as American counterpart Marilyn Lightstone. She reprised the role of Demo for quasi-sequel La Revanche des GoBots, where the name was assigned to Diondra.

Voice roles[edit]

Challenge of the GoBots[edit]

Revenge of the GoBots[edit]