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Wheeling is a human. Like many humans with access to abandoned fairgrounds he has turned to evil.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Erv Immerman

Wheeling acted as a front for the Renegades, purchasing an abandoned funfair on Cy-Kill's behalf and arranging for a travelling carnival to use the site in exchange for a big sack of cash, also setting up a frequency scrambler to stop the Guardians detecting their activities. He then oversaw the carnival when it opened, keeping an eye on Cop-Tur, who rapidly became unhappy with his impromptu second career as a kids' ride. Later when Block Head abducted the psychic Mira Shaw and brought her back to the fairground Wheeling took part in the ambush, sniping at Matt Hunter and A.J. Foster. Matt tried to fight him but Wheeling leapt off a building and flattened his opponent. As the Renegades made their escape in a train towed by Loco Wheeling then held Matt and Mira at gunpoint until the arrival of Scooter distracted him, at which point Matt got revenge by tackling him. He was taken captive, and imprisoned in a cell at UNECOM Headquarters with fellow traitor Doctor Helstrom.Renegade Carnival