Railway Rampage!

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Little Owl Superstars
Railway Rampage!
Publisher World International Publishing Limited
Imprint Little Owl Superstars
Published in Great Britain
First published 1986
Writer Uncredited
Artist Uncredited
ISBN 0-7235-7935-0
UPC 9 780723 579359
Page count 24 story pages
Price 99p
Printed in Italy

Braxis buys a machine to drain GoBots of their power!


Professor Braxis wants to buy an electro-magnetic ray machine to capture the Guardians! Cy-Kill directs a bank robbery to finance the purchase. The Renegades prepare an ambush at the railway yards! Turbo is captured, but Leader-1 and a weakened Scooter escape. Leader-1 arranges for his human allies to look after Scooter and heads out to confront the Renegades.

An attack by Cy-Kill distracts Leader-1 long enough for Crasher to target him with the ray machine. Leader-1 changes into jet mode and crashes into the weapon, trapping Crasher in the wreckage. A loose wire from the rubble recharges Turbo! During the battle, Leader-1 falls onto the train tracks as a goods train hurtles towards him. The driver leaps clear. Turbo jumps onto the rails and catches the train, stopping it! Turbo uses the wrecked train to fell Cy-Kill and Cop-Tur. Leader-1 topples a water tower onto the Renegades and Turbo adds several coal trucks to hold them down.

From the Command Centre, Nick discovers that one coal truck has blocked a tunnel that is about to be used by a passenger express train! Nick and Scooter race to the railyard to inform their allies. Leaving the Renegades behind, the three Guardians race into the tunnel. Changing to their vehicle modes, they smash the coal truck and race past the train! When the Guardians return to the railyard, their prisoners have escaped. Fortunately, the ray machine has been destroyed. They return to the Command Centre for repairs.

Featured characters[edit]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)


"Smash! Bash! Trash!"

Crasher likes to wreck and rhyme.

"They’re due for a circuit crushing!"

Turbo makes with the tough guy banter.

"Your GoBad days are over! We’re taking you back to GoBotron!"

Leader-1 uses up the quota of exclamation points for the page.


Continuity notes[edit]

  • Apparently the GoBots can take on other forms than their usual vehicle modes, as Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur, and Crasher are said to have taken the shape of several railway trucks.


Miscellaneous errors[edit]

  • Why rob a bank to buy the machine instead of just stealing it? Also, couldn’t the Renegades just get another one, considering they appear to be an off-the-shelf item?
  • The Renegades are depicted as being only slightly taller than Braxis in the beginning, but Cy-Kill is later depicted as holding a railroad coal truck in one hand.


  • Matt is never actually seen, but he is said to be in a meeting with the kids and speaks to Turbo at the end.
  • The Renegades are also referred to as “GoBads”.
  • The Guardians are pretty destructive, considering that they are the good guys.
  • Most pages have an exclamation point. Many have two or three. But the page describing the passenger train about to wreck has none and the two humans’ dialogue on the following page is also without them, despite their near death experience.
  • Apparently no one wanted to claim responsibility for this, there are no credits at all.