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The Command Centers are multi-use vehicles and the backbone of the Guardian fleet. Each is capable of faster-than-light travel and can hold a large number of GoBot soldiers, allowing them to be used both as transportation and mobile headquarters.


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  • Command Center (GoBots Vehicle/Playset, 1984)
    • Friendly GoBot Mobile Fortress
    • Fortress that turns into vehicle or mobile land-walker!
    • Accessories: Floor panels (4); Fuel Hoses (2); railing; elevator panel; rear hatch; leg pin (4); "enemy detector"; instruction manual; label sheet
One of several toy concepts designed by Tonka exclusively for the GoBots toyline, the Command Center serves as a vehicle, playset, and carrying case for Guardian figures and is one of the largest toys in the entire line. In vehicle mode, the Command Center rolls freely on eight plastic wheels. Flipping out the four legs transforms it to "mobile land-walker" mode. Four "stations" on the exterior of these modes are labeled with numbers (0, 1, 5, and 7) but do not interact with figures in any meaningful way. Standing it on end and opening the top panels results in "fortress" mode, which features several elements common to 1980s playsets. An elevator in the central column (labeled "Vertical Transport Module, or "V.T.M") can move GoBot figures between the fortress' seven rooms. These rooms have very little sculpted detail, with most of their personality coming from paper labels. The rooms include a "Trauma Center" (guarded by a clear plastic "enemy detector"); "Interrogation Center" (featuring a wanted poster showing Cy-Kill, Fitor, Loco, and Cop-Tur); "Gobot Dematerializer" (showing a red version of Tank being disintegrated); "Alien Detention Center"; a fuel station (with two rubber fuel hoses); a cafeteria (complete with a menu featuring "blast off burgers," "gasberry pie," and flavored antifreeze); and an "enemy reprogramming center" showing, bizarrely, Scooter hooked up to some machines. Finally, the Command Center's cockpit can swivel around to reveal a (goofy) robot face. If a nine-volt battery is connected to the inside of the canopy, a button above the robot's nose activates flashing lights and sound effects. Finally, under the robot head is a secret chamber labeled "strategic command." The Command Center was released in the second series of Gobots figures in 1984.


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