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Westbridge is a small town in the Midlands in England, not far from Birmingham.


The Robo Machines comic[edit]

After evading the Security Forces following the attack on Cholkham, Stron-Domez set Westbridge as his next target, realising the Datafile Electronics factory there made an excellent base to construct more of his evil Robo Machines. The newly-built Cop-Tur landed outside the factory and used his gyro to prevent any of the workers from escaping, while Fitor tore the roof off the planet's office block and captured secretary Sharon, preventing boss Mr. Bennet from calling the police. Cy-Kill and Tank completed the round-up of Datafile Electronics employees, who were then put to work as Cop-Tur broadcast a cover story to the rest of Westbridge's population, telling them the workers were being kept at the factory due to carrying out top-secret government work. Ex-El soon detected the activity from the Command Centre, but quickly realised his troops would be unable to attack Datafile Electronics without endangering the humans. The workers soon completed Loco before Ex-El sent Charlie Bampton and Night Ranger to sneak inside the factory, with the rest of Westbridge. They were able to locate the warehouse where the workforce were being held, and Truck was able to get inside with Charlie and ram Loco, allowing the humans to escape. That achieved, Leader One gave Hans-Cuff the all-clear to begin a full Security Force attack. Stron-Domez's forces were routed, and only he and Cy-Kill were able to escape capture.The Robo Machines, Story 1