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NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) is a binational aerospace command providing early warning and air protection for North America, based at Cheyenne Mountain[1] At the time the GoBots first made overt contact with Earth it was under the command of General Lindley.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

The Renegades identified NORAD's satellite system as the best way of disseminating the controlling rays of Doctor Braxis' pulsar generator and set in a course for Cheyenne Mountain, where their headquarters was located, after taking Anya Turgenova's sorium from Stolbovoy Island. To gain access to the facility Cy-Kill called up Geeper-Creeper via Astrobeam; posing as a US Army jeep he transported Braxis to Cheyenne Mountain, where the scientist's NASA credentials were enough to gain access on the pretence of maintaining the base's satellite links - though he nearly flattened the guards at the gate due to the Renegade's wild driving. General Lindley was less than pleased about Braxis' presence and was given further cause for alarm when the rogue astronaut Matt Hunter phoned him to warn him of Braxis' plans; however, by then the scientist and Geeper-Creeper had taken care of most of the base's security forces while letting Cy-Kill and Cop-Tur in. By the time the Guardians arrived the generator was nearly ready; Cy-Kill let Matt and Anya Turgenova inside to avoid showing his hand too early. He then activated the device, bringing every human in the world under his command. He then used the Guardians' own allies and the NORAD troops to drive the Guardians away, capturing Leader-1 when he stayed to provide cover. Conquest of Earth Leader-1 was able to escape and with the help of their freed human allies the Guardians released the NORAD personnel from the generator's influence, even managing to use the unstable sorium powering the device to wipe out Cy-Kill's fleet of Zods as an encore. Lindley and his troops had no memory of their time under Renegade control, and were still gathering their wits when the Guardians and their human friends slipped away in the Command Center. The Final Conflict

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  1. It's now a back-up complex.