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The Enigma Device was a signal jammer devised by UNECOM to block the Renegades' attempts to spy on their operations. It is an invention of Anya Turgenova.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

The Enigma Device had a hugely successful test run onboard the Command Center, blocking the Renegades' spying operations. Cy-Kill was furious at this development, so he and Pincher tore into the Guardian craft in order to steal the device, which they then got back to Thruster. The Guardians gave chase and the Renegades led them into a meteor field, where both ships were damaged and then forced down on an unexplored planet. While Scooter began repairs, Leader-1 and Turbo set out to recover the device from the similarly crippled Thruster, finding out the planet's magnetic field prevented them from flying before getting caught in a game of keep-away by Crasher. However, both groups realised they needed to work together to escape the planet as a priority, and Cy-Kill returned the device as part of the deal. However, once the GoBots were able to leave Cy-Kill turned on his ersatz allies, grabbing the Enigma Device back from Turbo. However, it all turned out to be fine as Turbo had somehow switched the device with an identical bomb planted by Cop-Tur without anyone realising anything until the Renegades plugged what they thought was the Enigma Device in and it blew up. Forced Alliance

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Enigma Device is named for the real-life enigma machine, used in the First and Second World Wars to encrypt communications to prevent them from being read by enemy forces.
  • While the Enigma Device escaped destruction unlike many UNECOM or Guardian inventions and worked perfectly it was predictably never, ever mentioned again, with the Renegades spying on the good guys with impunity whenever the plot required them to.