Image Simulator Circuit

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The Image Simulator Circuit is an item of Renegade technology. When fitted in the chest of a GoBot it can make them take on the appearance and voice of another without any risk of detection. Unless said GoBot is unable to reign in their obnoxious personality.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Bad Boy was fitted with an Image Simulator Circuit, successfully masquerading as Heat Seeker on Earth. He leaked Guardian secret operations involving the Quantico Radar Telescope, the sonic drill testing at Devil's Desert and the transportation of the nucleonic power pack. Realising this was down to a security leak, Leader-1, Turbo and Scooter initiated a bizarre, complex sting operation that only really worked because they were fairly sure the belligerent 'Heat Seeker' was the spy all along. This culminated in Bad Boy being tricked into revealing himself to a hologrammatic projection of Cy-Kill. As it was the Astrobeam reversed moments later, sending Bad Boy back to Roguestar, meaning he would have been exposed anyway and the Guardians' grandstanding detective work was utterly pointless. After destroying the polarity invertor Cy-Kill had built at the South Pole to use the nucleonic power pack, Leader-1 wondered what would happen the next time the Renegades tried a similar ruse with an Image Simulator Circuit. Obviously, despite it being one of Cy-Kill's more successful wheezes, they never bothered again. Wolf in the Fold


  • If there's a link to the Holographic Image Inducer used to discredit the Guardians in "Tarnished Image" this episode doesn't know about it, meaning the Renegades seemingly come up with two different devices to disguise themselves as Guardians within four episodes. Jeff and Kelly earning their pay there.