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Hilda Cocoa, also known as Dumplin', is a human, married to the long-suffering Larry.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: ?

Being a comically overbearing sitcom wife, Hilda had absolutely no moral scruples around her husband becoming an ally of the Renegades, mainly being interested in how much they could extort out of Cy-Kill for their part as a front for the construction of Puzzler. After the Renegade insisted on using Larry's car dealership to move the finished Puzzlers on to unsuspecting customers Hilda decided they were owed a bigger cut from the Renegades, and nagged Larry into asking. Cy-Kill however was frustrated that the scheme had attracted Guardian and UNECOM and gave them short shrift; in response Hilda swiped the remote control of the Puzzler robots and the pair got away in the remaining unsold unit. With Cy-Kill, Crasher and Cop-Tur in pursuit, Larry drove while Hilda jabbed at the remote control, unwittingly activating the other five units. All six converged and the Cocoas were thrown out as the cars converted to robot mode then combined to form Puzzler. In the chaos Cy-Kill took back the remote but the Guardians were able to call up the Power Warrior Courageous to destroy the robot. Larry and Hilda were then left to deal with the disgruntled customers he had hawked the recalcitrant Puzzlers to in the first place. Oh, Larry! Auto Madic


  • Hilda Cocoa isn't referred to by her first name at any point in the episode (Larry refers to her with the pet name "Dumplin'") but it is included on her character model.