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Bike Robo (バイクロボ Baiku Robo) is a mecha from the Romulus system.


Machine Robo[edit]

Cy-Kill toy.jpg
  • Bike Robo (Machine Robo, 1982)
    • ID number: MR-01
    • Accessories: Wheel (2), engine block
One of the first figures released for Machine Robo, Bike Robo transforms from robot to futuristic motorcycle. To transform, his wheels move to his shoulders and his engine block is removed. He was later directly imported by Tonka for the GoBots toyline, as Renegade leader Cy-Kill.

Action Toys[edit]

Action Toys-Bike Robo-compilation.jpg
  • Bike Robo (2017)
    • ID number: MR-01

  • Bike Robo (2018)
Machine Robo Bike Robo Revenge of Chronos toy.jpg
    • ID number: MRDX-01

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