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The Avenger is a spaceship from Nar-El, commanded by Alva-Nar. Through the ship's highly advanced onboard computer it can control a huge armada of powerful drones.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: ?

The Avenger appeared off GoBotron just as the Guardians and Renegades were battling in their much smaller Command Center and Thruster, and easily captured the latter. Once onboard, the Renegade leader Cy-Kill was able to trick the ship's truth scanners that he and his troops were being oppressed by the Guardians, even when the Command Center was also captured and its' crew interrogated. The Avenger would spearhead the subsequent "liberation" of GoBotron, with the ship's computer devising a strategy that would see the planet fall in a mere three minutes. When a greedy and impatient Cy-Kill tried to seize personal control of the Avenger and its' drones the ship's computer rejected his orders and attacked the Renegade with its' defences - an episode which finally convinced Alva-Nar that the Renegades were not in fact sincere. The Avenger thus did not attack GoBotron and set off for parts unknown under Alva-Nar's control. Renegade Alliance