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Pete is a human from Earth. He is also an honorary citizen of GoBotron. Suck on that, Nick.


Escape to Planet Earth storybook[edit]


Pete was inventing programs and playing games on a computer with Nancy when they somehow booted up the GoBot Program, which allowed them to take control of the Renegade GoBots who were rampaging on Earth. This allowed the Security Forces to detect their quarry but it also meant Cy-Kill could send BuggyMan to capture them. Leader-1 realised this and sent Dumper to help; the rest of the team soon arrived and the Renegades were soon forced into a retreat. Pete and Nancy were both then thanked by Leader-1, who introduced himself before giving them medals and making them honorary citizens on GoBotron.Escape to Planet Earth


  • It is unclear what relationship Pete has with Nancy beyond them co-owning a computer.
  • It is also not definitely stated in the text which is Pete and which is Nancy.