The Weeds of Calcheron

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Mini World
The Weeds of Calcheron
Publisher World International Publishing Limited
Imprint Mini World
Published in Great Britain
First published 1985
Writer Uncredited
Artist Uncredited
ISBN 0723578117
UPC 9780723578116
Page count 36 story pages
Printed in Great Britain

Gardener's World


Cy-Kill and Doctor Braxis hatch their latest plan to foil the A.S.C - harvesting the seeds of the metal-eating weeds of Calcheron and dropping them on their enemies. Cy-Kill and Cop-Tur are able to scatter the seeds around the Command Centre unnoticed. The next morning Matt and A.J. are doing some gardening, when he notices tyre tracks left in the grass. Before he can use Dozer to sort them out A.J. notices some strange plants she hasn't seen before but are growing before her very eyes. When they eat her trowel they begin to realise the Renegades might be behind it. With the weeds pumping out poison Matt takes Leader-1 up and tries to spread acidic weed killer, without success. However in order to facilitate the weeds' rapid growth Cy-Kill has accelerated their life cycle and the plants just die anyway for a satisfying anti-climax.

Featured characters[edit]

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Continuity notes[edit]

  • The Mini World books take place in an odd micro-continuity that seems to mesh early scant Machine Robo elements (which were ported over for the early Robo Machine figures) and some parts of Challenge of the Gobots. The models are largely toy-based and the humans less whacky-looking.
  • Most notably AJ is an adult Caucasian; she and Matt work for the A.S.C..


Miscellaneous errors[edit]


  • An audio version was also produced by Tempo, issued on cassette in a gift set with a copy of the book (catalogue number TTS9895).
  • As per usual with World, there are no credits, presumably part of the devil's bargain any of their staff undertook.
  • The A.S.C. jeep crushed by the weeds is blatantly modelled on Geeper-Creeper, including the lines where his hood turns into the legs.

Second Edition[edit]

It's rarer, and thus worth a whole pound.

In 1986, World Distributors issued an updated version of The Weeds of Calcheron. While the text remained unchanged the art was adjusted considerably, with some pieces dropped entirely and illustrations featuring Matt, A.J. and Braxis (but not any of the GoBots) redrawn to resemble their cartoon character models. The book also featured a new cover featuring Cy-Kill.

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