The Combat

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Machine Men
"The Combat"
Publisher Bandai Australia
First published 1985
Illustrator Richard Rae
Page count 4
Price Free

It's Rest-Q to the rescue as the battle for Australia rages on!


Having arrived on Earth in pursuit of their evil counterparts, the Friendly Machine Men find themselves outmatched. Casualties are swiftly piling up, and to make matters worse, Enemy commander Cy-Kill delivers a devastating blow to Leader One, sending him crashing to the ground.

All is not lost however, as the Friendly robot Rest-Q raises Fitor above his head, preparing to rip the Enemy jet apart. But before he can do so, Tux stealthily converts to limousine mode and rams into the Friendly medic from behind.

Combined with the full brunt of Fitor's punch, Rest-Q is rendered critically damaged. Without the necessary power to fight on, he braces himself for destruction... until his optic scanners notice a pair of wounded humans trapped on the battlefield. Throwing caution and self-preservation to the wind, Rest-Q picks himself up and swiftly converts to his ambulance mode. Fitor and Tux immediately follow, but are too late to prevent him from saving the mother and her son. The Friendly ambulance easily weaves between the duo's legs, leaving the ruined city and safely reuniting them with her husband.

A Friendly Machine Man's work is never done, and as the young boy waves goodbye, Rest-Q charges straight back into battle. Having recovered, Leader One raises his arm in triumph as reinforcements arrive; the first of which is Winch Truck, who uses a wrecked wooden bridge as a ramp. The Friendly Wincher has his work cut out for him, taking on both the Enemy Helicopter Wincher, and the new Battle Base piloted by Vamp.

To be concluded...

Featured characters[edit]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Friendly Machine Men Enemy Machine Men Others
  • Human mother (8)
  • Human son (9)
  • Human father (10)


  • Rest-Q manages to accomplish more as a character in four pages than he does in the entire Challenge of the GoBots cartoon. That is awesome.