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Alf Meeker is a human from Earth. He owns a scrapyard on the edge of London.


The Robo Machines comic[edit]

Meeker had the misfortune to be scrounging for scrap metal near the abandoned railway station where Cy-Kill was turning Stron-Domez into Zod, and was startled when the huge monster burst through the roof of a shed and ate his truck. Meeker begged for his life, and Zod quickly realised he could use the human to gather materials to create more Robo Machines. He later led Cy-Kill to a derelict house to recruit vagrants for use as workers - leading to the completion of the Devil Invader Casmodon. The huge Robo Machine terrified the workers, who fled - only to be atomised by Casmodon's eye-beams. The Robo Machines, Story 2


  • Meeker is not seen among the workers destroyed by Casmodon but is also not seen at any point afterwards.