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This article is about the character from the 1980s Machine Robo franchises. For the Machine Robo Rescue character, see Jet Robo (MRR).

Jet Robo (ジェットロボ) is a Machine Robo from Romulos.

On Cronos and Electronic Planet B-1 he was known as Blue Jet (ブルー・ジェット).


Machine Robo packaging[edit]

Flying along in jet mode, Jet Robo spotted a Dogra alien overhead. He converted to robot mode, dodged the bolts of energy the invader fired and him and destroyed his opponent.Jet Robo instruction manual

Later, Jet Robo flew overhead as Drill Robo destroyed an enemy invader. Drill Robo instruction manual

Machine Robo commercials[edit]

When a giant monster from the Casmozone appeared above a futuristic city, unleashing an army of Casmodon, Zarios and Falgos monsters, Jet Robo was present. Battle Armor 5 commercial

Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Shinya Ohtaki

Blue Jet was 2.1m tall, weights 2.5 tons and can fly at Mach 7.2. He studied under Kirai Stol at age 15, along with Rom Stol and Rod Drill; he soon developed excellent sword fighting skills. The trio were sent by Kirai along with his fellow students when the Gyandlar attacked Cronos, helping save Triple Jim and Leina Stol. However, while they were away Kirai sacrificed himself to prevent Grujios taking his knowledge of the Hyribead. Rising Storm - the Fighting Style of Justice! After mourning, Rom decided to go on a quest to find the secret of the Wolf Emblems; Rod and Jet offered to join him but he insisted on going alone. The pair instead discreetly followed their friend, and were able to help him inside the city of Sado Fortress after he was ambushed by the Devil Satan 6. However, the population of the city turned them over to Grujios and they needed the help of young boy Ziggy to get free and defeat the Gyandlar. Rom subsequently invited his friends to join him on his quest. Wolf Sword! Call Forth the Thunder of Courage! The group continued to Vira, but Rod fell in a pool and began to corrode. Jet and the others found Narum, the chief of the village, initially unhelpful as he believed them to be Gyandlar after an attack on the nearby Achibuski. The real Gyandlar turned up soon afterwards, and the travellers were eventually able to help drive them off and get Metal Laster to save Rod. Steal the Metal Laster! He attempted to track Mizuchi after the creature attacked Rom but was unsuccessful; Baikanfu would eventually defeat the monster. The Rock People and Mizuchi the Mysterious Dragon After Jingi kidnapped Master Blade of the Leo Clan, Jet was part of the team that freed him. Sophia, Warrior Woman of the Leo Clan He later helped Rom investigate Nasuka, battling Gillhead, The Demon Sea of the Lost Civilization of Mu and avenge Trim Sponsor after Girandor caused his death. Dash Out, Tank Trancer!


The group visited Dakota, leaving Rod behind when he overslept. The travellers walked into the middle of a local power struggle and were imprisoned by city chief Bison and his son Combat Buggy. Rod freed them, and when he found himself down after finding his love for Melodia was unrequited, Jet helped to cheer him up. Pledging Love on the Great River The quest took the group to Bird, where Jet met dojo owner Rury. He considered staying there as an instructor and to protect her from the Gyandlar, and duelled the Gyandlar captain Glovine. He was able to beat his opponent and aid Baikanfu in defeating Garudi. He decided to remain with Rom's band for their quest, but told Rury he would return after the conflict was over. Jet! Defeat the Double Death Blade! He later fought Kina and Koron. Burn and Run, Brother and Sister Warriors! Despite his words to Rury, Jet also found himself enamoured with the Princess Solitaire Raymosette as the group escorted her from Pamela to Galba, the tart. Even though the group found out that she was a robot duplicate Jet was still devastated when she chose to sacrifice herself to help defeat Giant Guilder. Sending Love to the Horizon He had a rare falling out with Rom over Preacher, believing Rom to be acting in a cowardly fashion, but the pair soon made up. Phantom Monk Preacher's Challenge In order to rescue Leina from the Sky Castle he recruited Jet Tribe reinforcements in the form of Falcon Robo, Blackbird Robo and Harrier Robo, helping Rom, Jim and Canary get past Devil Satan 6. Death in the Demonic Castle in the Sky He later cajoled Canary's father Pylon into intervening in the battle, leading to Grujios being banished. The Demonic Castle - Farewell Grujios


Jet later comforted Anna while she fretted about the Gyandlar's designs on Vanishing Harry, reassuring her that Rom would keep him on the side of good. Run Through the Race of Death! When the militia of Cleo City, under the control of the Gylandar Nerve, attempted to drive off the travellers Jet made short work of the airborne contingent, though he fell under the control himself before being saved by the sacrifice of Sara. The Heart of a Protecting Angel He later helped the group free the residents of Gorgo after they were captured by Diondra. Rockgiran versus Rockdon Jet saved Fam when she fell from the Varigale-X Underneath a Burning Sky and later joined Rom, Leina, Rod and Jim in escorting the survivors of the city to Emerald City. He then joined its' defence against the Gyandlar, even making improvised weapons when the city's ammunition ran out. Gather All Machine Robo The travellers remained at Emerald City, although they had to weather the arrogance of the Land Commander 5 team on the way. Attack, Land Commander 5! He later helped rescue Cross Rock from the frozen lake behind Emerald City Cross Rock's Great Prophecy and helped coordinate the collection of Metal Laster from Vira to help cure Leina and some of the city's children after they were hit by a rust gas missile; Jet had unsuccessfully attempted to shoot down the weapon before it impacted. Knight of the Devil's Mountain, Mask Rock


After Emerald City was levelled by Gadess Escape from the Underground - Pro Truck Racer Appears! Blue Jet remained a key part of the Machine Robo army, frequently leading any airborne forces. After Leina, Rod, Tough Trailer and Pro Truck Racer became trapped behind Gyandlar lines Jet was a part of search efforts; he was also given a Blazer Cannon by Kendō Robo. Fire! Big Blazer Cannon! He later recognised the Demon Sword of Medusa when Diondra tricked Tough Trailer into taking possession of the cursed weapon. Curse of the Demon Sword Medusa Jet helped coordinate the arrival of casualties and refugees after a neighbouring city was also attacked by Gadess, and also to search for Leina, Kempō Robo and Fire Robo after they went missing. The Four Treasures of the Mysterious Ruins Along with Rom and Pro Truck Racer, he travelled into space onboard Big Shuttle Robo to investigate an SOS, which turned out to be a ploy by Grujios. When the noncorporeal Gyandlar captured Baikanfu the others returned to Cronos for help. While Leina and Min set about mounting a rescue he joined Pro Truck Racer in trying to hold off Devil Satan 6 until Baikanfu returned. Baikanfu Disappears in Space After construction on the new Battle Base was completed Jet helped oversee its' fitting out. The Secret of the Jewel People Along with Phantom Robo, he helped save Cross Rock from Diondra; however, they were then all captured by the misanthropic Amber Man. They were eventually freed by Rom and a team of reinforcements after Diondra tricked Amber Man. Save Amber Man, Blazer Cannon!


During a battle with Asura at Dragon Waterfall he lent one of his swords to Heli Transer and together they literally disarmed the Gyandlar captain, allowing Baikanfu to finish him off. Raise Your Gun, Heli Transer! After the Gyandlar began attacking the Battle Base with a weather machine Jet attempted to defend it along with Land Commander 5 until both of them were damaged by lightning. Full Power, Wheelmen! During the final assault on the Gyandlar ship he led in a large team of Jet Tribe troopers Power Riser, Break Through the Enemy!; they made it inside after Battle Gyror sacrificed himself to smash through the ship's hull. Inside he found the injured Leina after her battle with the Gyandlar Devils. Baikanfu - Cry of Anger! Before he could get her to safety the pair were found by Gadess. Without hesitation Jet attacked the huge Gyandlar commander; his sword shattered on Gadess' armour but he attacked unarmed, only to get impaled. Gadess captured Leina and left him for dead. Mighty Fortress, Heavenly Sword - Jet Don't Die! He ignored his wounds and was able to free Rom and the others from Gadess' trap and help confront him, freeing Cronos from his influence. After the final battle he decided not to follow up his romance with Rury and instead set off into space, crossing a dimensional gateway. The Final Battle of Cronos

Machine Robo: Battle Hackers cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Shinya Ohtaki

After the Machine Robo left Cronos and passed a dimensional gateway they re-emerged as the citizens of the Algo Republic on Electronic Planet B-1 with no memory of their previous adventures. Blue Jet became a member of the White Thunder, the air component of the Algo Army based at the Grand Whale in Crystal City. Burning Electronic Planet He cautioned Mach Blaster against disobeying RIM's orders but the unit commander led a force to the Good Luck anyway to rescue the humans Akira Amachi and Luke Stewart but his commander ignored him and led out a force of White Thunder troops anyway. Heavy Wind, Mach Blaster! As a result, Mach Blaster was reassigned to the Battle Hackers, with Blue Jet taking over as leader of White Thunder. He intervened when Rod Drill came to blows with Drill Crusher over the value of the Battle Hackers as a unit. Jet Riser - Full Fire! He later examined the damage caused by Sorikondar after Garzack's Garfire-SP was stolen and used to destroy a fuel facility in Crystal City. Stolen Garfire-SP Along with Rod Drill, he was later inspired to go against RIM's orders to seal off the overheating electronic furnace, instead joining the Winner Robo in their ultimately successful attempt to shut down the furnace and save the workers inside. Save the Electronic Furnace of Death! Blue Jet fell under the control of the Gurendos' brainwashing satellite, leading a force of White Thunder to attack Crystal City, even chasing Akira and Zen; they were released thanks to the efforts of the Battle Hackers. Destroy the Fortress Satellite


Along with Rod Drill, he tried to lead a force to relieve the Battle Hackers, who were pinned down by Gakurandar, but a lightning storm summoned by the Gurendos prevented them reaching the besieged group before they were able to fight their own way clear. R. JeTan! Run! Blue Jet later led a force of Silver Wolves as part of a major Algo Army counter-attack against the Gurendos, ultimately forcing them to retreat. Quickly, Gattai Saurer! He later took part in the Algo Army response to the Gurendos trying to move through B-1's forest areas. Riser! Power Up! After being warned by Drill Crusher, he fired the Grand Whale's defences when Yasand fired stolen electromagnetic missiles at Crystal City but was unable to prevent one of the weapons bursting above Crystal City. Target: Grand Whale After the casualties of the missiles were restored thanks to the help of the Battle Hackers he led a counter-offensive that pushed the Gurendos out of the range of Crystal City. Let's Do It! While he personally scanned Land Giant 32 when it brought supplies into the Grand Whale, Blue Jet was unable to detect the cloaked Shinobis and Igarn. Special Command - Destroy RIM When the Battle Hackers fought a huge Gurendos army in the desert Patricia and Zen attacked Blue Jet for his perceived inaction. Stung by this he set out with Eagle Robo and crucial ammunition for the unit. Yasand attempted to stop them but Blue Jet took him on in single combat, winning out. He then successfully got the ammunition to the Battle Hackers and aided them in destroying the Gurendos force, leading to the destruction of Kariagen. Hot Sand Battle, Hurry Jet! He later commanded the White Thunder in providing air support as RIM chose to take the Grand Whale in for a direct assault on the Gurendos' base in Blood Country. Goodbye - Battle Forever

Leina Stol OVAs[edit]

Voice actor: Shinya Ohtaki

After crossing the dimensional barrier Blue Jet became human, though he retained a suit of armour resembling his previous form - right down to the shades and the ability to fly. He arrived on Electronic Planet B-1, where he was captured along with Jim and Rod by the wizard Velt Zaruk and his paramour Myra. Thanks to Rom, Leina, Shuli and Rall he was freed, and helped battle Myra while Leina helped Rom fight Zaruk.Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend II The group then travelled to Ursus to fight Baltun, where Jim, Jet and Drill were again captured while Rom was killed. Leina however was able to rescue them, and Jet successfully battled the resurrected Gru, enabling her to destroy Baltun. Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend III

How Blue Jet was simultaneously turned into both the robotic Blue Jet seen on B-1 and the human version of Blue Jet that seems to have travelled with Rom to B-1 at about the same time is unclear.



Machine Robo[edit]

Machine Robo Series[edit]

  • Jet Robo (1982)
    • ID number: MR-03
    • Accessories: none
Jet Robo was the 3rd figure in Popy's Machine Robo Series and transforms from robot to futuristic jet. The cannons on the jet's wingtips are often broken on loose samples, so take care. The robot mode has articulation at the shoulders, while the jet has four small castor wheels underneath to allow the vehicle to roll on flat surfaces. The legs on many Jet Robo do not lock into place evenly, often giving him a distinctive stagger. Early versions of the figure included an additional sticker sheet featuring an oversized USAF roundel; later versions replaced this with a sheet featuring additional detail stickers.
  • Bandai reissued Jet Robo in updated packaging when they took over the line in 1983.
  • The figure was later issued as the GoBots figure Fitor, with no significant changes.

Machine Robo Best 5[edit]

Sky Machine Series[edit]
  • Jet Robo (1983)
    • Accessories: none
Jet Robo was recoloured for the Machine Robo Best 5 Sky Machines giftset, now featuring a yellow plastic and paint in place of the red on the original. Also included in the set were updated versions of Gyro Robo, Shuttle Robo, Harrier Robo and Eagle Robo.
  • This version of the figure was exclusive to the Japanese market.

Machine Men (USA)[edit]

  • Aero Man (1983)
    • ID number: 03
    • Accessories: none
The Bandai America release of Jet Robo was renamed Aero Man and featured no significant changes from the original Japanese release.

Robo Machine[edit]

Machine Men (Australia)[edit]

Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos[edit]

Machine Robo Series[edit]

  • Jet Robo (Machine Robo Series, 1986)
    • ID number: MRJ-1
    • Accessories: none
Jet Robo was reissued for the Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos toyline in updated packaging. The figure was assigned to the Jet Tribe, and featured no changes from the previous Japanese release. Despite the prominent cartoon character being named Blue Jet the toy retained its' original name.

Chara Collection[edit]

  • Jet Robo (1986)
    • ID number: MRJ
    • Accessories: sword
A non-converting figure was made for the Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos line's Chara Collection series, in recognition of the character's role as one of the leads of the series, and it is generally close to the character's animation model in the series, albeit slightly less stylised. For a figure of the period the toy has excellent articulation. The figure also came with an enamel badge of the Wolf Emblem. It retailed at ¥1000.
  • The Chara Collection version of Jet Robo was not released outside of Japan.


Chara Collection DX[edit]

  • Jet Robo (1986)
    • ID number: MRJ
    • Accessories: Blazer Cannon
The same figure as the Chara Collection version was also available as a Chara DX Collection figure; this substituted the sword for a pellet-firing launcher and backpack system. It retailed at ¥1480.
  • The Chara Collection DX version of Drill Robo was not released outside of Japan.


Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos (Action Toys)[edit]

Machine Robo Series[edit]

  • Blue Jet (2021)
    • ID number: MR-11
    • Accessories: swords (2), stand
The eleventh figure in Action Toys' Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos series, Blue Jet converts from robot to jet. The figure features a mix of plastic and diecast. It is the first fully transforming release of the character to use the same name as the cartoon. As a modern figure, Blue Jet features a wide range of articulation.


A painted version of the kit, as per the brochure included with the figures.

Machine Robo Series Gashapon[edit]

  • Jet Robo (1985)
    • ID number: 2
    • Accessories: none
A plastic model kit version of Jet Robo was issued by Bandai in 1985 as part of their Machine Robo Series line of Gashapon. Jet Robo was part of the first|second series and retained his ability to transform. The model very closely followed the transformation of the Machine Robo Series version; while it included some stickers for detail the kit itself was cast in a single colour of plastic and would require extensive painting to look anything like the picture included on the leaflet.
  • The Gashapon figures were never issued outside of Japan.

A complete version of the model, from the kit's painting guide.

Machine Robo Series Snapfit Kits[edit]

  • Blue Jet Robo (Machine Robo Series, 1986)
    • ID number: 2
A Snapfit plastic model kit of Jet Robo was produced by Bandai in 1986. The kit required no glue and featured large stickers for detail, though paint would be required to make it accurate to the toy or animation model. The kit included a small unpainted figurine of Leina Stol.
  • The Snapfit models were never issued outside of Japan.


Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos Choco-Corn[edit]

  • Blue Jet Robo (Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos, 1986)
    • ID number: 6
A small plastic model kit version of Blue Jet Robo was issued by Bandai in 1986 as part of their Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos line of models, distributed with Morinaga & Company's Choco-Corn candy. It appears to be a different model to the gashapon version, though it is obviously similar. Blue Jet Robo retained his ability to transform. The model very closely followed the transformation of the toy version, though the kit itself was cast in a single colour of plastic and would require extensive painting to look anything like the picture included on the leaflet. Like the rest of the range, the model retailed at ¥100.
  • The Choco-Corn figures were never issued outside of Japan.


EM Gokin[edit]

  • Blue Jet (2012)
    • ID number: EM-03
    • Accessories: sword
Blue Jet was released in November 2012 as part of Fewture Models' EM Gokin range of licenced cartoon robots, made from a mix of PVC, ABS and diecast. The figure is poseable and was sculpted in line with the cartoon's stylised character model. It included a show-accurate sword. Through parts-switching the figure can form Blue Jet's jet mode. It retailed at ¥6,980.