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The Wolf Emblem is the crest of the Stol family, closely related to the Wolf Sword.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos[edit | edit source]

The Wolf Emblem featured on the hilt of Kirai Stol's Wolf Sword. After he died and passed it on to his son Rom the boy was able to call upon Baikanfu, which bore the Wolf Emblem on its' chest. Rising Storm - the Fighting Style of Justice! Rom, along with his sister Leina and his friends Blue Jet, Rod Drill and Triple Jim, then embarked upon a quest following the Wolf Sword around the planet as it led them to various Wolf Emblems around Cronos. Wolf Sword! Call Forth the Thunder of Courage! It led them to locations including a cave containing the Metal Laster near Vira that had a mouth that resembled the Wolf Emblem Steal the Metal Laster!, to Sunsua where they foiled a Gyandlar plot Devil Trap - The Enslaved Village and to the planet's freezing South Pole Hot Fight at Absolute Zero!. It later appeared on cave paintings near Babria The Rock People and Mizuchi the Mysterious Dragon, in a river in the Valley of Death Sophia, Warrior Woman of the Leo Clan, on a cliff on Mu The Demon Sea of the Lost Civilization of Mu and on a drill tank under Arambia Dash Out, Tank Trancer! After the Gyandlar were finally defeated, Rom and Leina realised that the Wolf Emblems had actually been put in place by Kirai years before as part of their father's plan to lead them to victory. The Final Battle of Cronos

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Wolf Emblem symbol quest was effectively played down after the first quarter of the series, with the revelation dropped in at the end of the final episode to make some sense of it. It doesn't really work with the timeframe of this all happening between Rom and Leina coming to the planet as children and then going through the events of the series as teens, but the series' complete lack of much context means they get away with it.
  • Enamel badges of the Wolf Emblem were included with the Chara Collection figures.