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The Gyandlar are a group led by Gadess; while they often have disparate origins they are united by their desire for power. After searching the galaxy for the Hyribead, a source of energy Gadess wanted to prolong his life, they discovered it was located on Cronos. However, the precise location of its' elements had been hidden by Kirai Stol, requiring the Gyandlar to search the planet for its' location.

The Gyandlar operate from Gadess' powerful mothership, orbiting Cronos. He leaves much of the searching to his three lieutenants - Diondra, Grujios and Garudi. Under them the Gyandlar have a number of captains to carry out the missions. In addition to this the group can call on a near-limitless number of Casmodon, Falgos, Zarios, Gildis and Baldas Gyandlar Devils soldiers and other warriors. The group also thinks little of allying with some of Cronos' scummier elements, including the Gyandlar Rocks, or experimenting on the planet's population to add to their ranks.

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