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Preacher is a Gyandlar from parts unknown. He has a number of sinister weapons, both physical and psychological - most notably the Anger Fear, which can destabilise even the most stoic enemies.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Yutaka Shimaka

Preacher masqueraded as a monk on Cronos, taking advantage of superstitious locals to allow him to move around freely. He set a trap at a ruined monastery for Rom Stol's group of travellers along with Grujios and some Gyandlar troops. Grujios lambasted Preacher after Rom anticipated the ambush but the monk responded by destroying the troops, sending Grujios running in fear. Rom was similarly fearful of Preacher, leading to Rod Drill attempting to tackle him solo. However Preacher's powers easily overwhelmed Drill and he was only stopped from killing the Machine Robo when the monastery bell began ringing, distressing the villain. Preacher wrecked the bell in the church and began wrecking the graveyard until Triple Jim also challenged him and got beaten. Surprisingly. Thanks to a vision of his father, Rom was able to summon up the courage to fight Preacher, knocking away his cowl and realising he was a mere Gyandlar. However, Preacher was still a match for Baikanfu. However, Drill was able to tell Blue Jet and Leina about the bell and the trio repaired it before ringing it again. Preacher was then tormented by the spirits of the Machine Robo heroes, giving Baikanfu an opening to destroy him. Phantom Monk Preacher's Challenge