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Cronos is the home planet of the Machine Robo. At least it is in Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos.

The planet is populated by sentient robots, split into four groups - the Cronos Tribe, the Battle Tribe, the Jet Tribe and the Rock People. Despite being technologically advanced in many ways the planet has a feudal infrastructure, with journeys between cities relatively rare. This may be influenced by some harmful geographic features, such as the Rainbow Sands, the Red Desert, a north pole with underground temperatures of absolute zero and lots of different carnivorous plants.

Among the settlements across the planet are Emerald City, Cleo City, Vira, Dakota, Korora, Konan, Pamela, Galba, Iron City and Elie. A city also named Cronos was once the planet's capital but a civil war has split it into the ruined Above Cronos and the subterranean Below Chronos.

Kirai Stol crash-landed on the planet after a run-in with the Gyandlar. Realising that they would likely come to the planet looking for the secret of the Hyribead he placed clues as to the energy source's location around Cronos, marking them with Wolf Emblems, and began training many of Cronos' natives for when the inevitable Gyandlar invasion came.

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