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Leina Stol (レイナ・ストール) is the younger adoptive sister of Rom Stol and Guardi Stol; she was found by Kirai Stol wandering orphaned on Ursus and adopted as his own. She doesn't find that out for a while, though. In the meantime she thinks she's a member of the Cronos Tribe. She has her adopted family's sense of justice, but her main hobbies are shopping, picking flowers, caring for wounded people, crying, getting kidnapped, getting lost, wandering off and wandering off to get kidnapped or lost. Basically if you look up "Useless Anime Female" in a dictionary there'll be a picture of Leina. Every now and then she threatens to get competent about something before snapping back to the mean. Leina also gets absurdly jealous whenever anyone female shows any interest whatsoever in Rom. Weird.

She is also apparently just what the Japan of the eighties was looking for in a break-out character.


Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Yuko Mizutani

When she was a child Leina was taken to Cronos along with Rom and Guardi by Kirai to find a hiding place for the Hyribead when their ship was shot down by the Gyandlar. She was young enough at the time to no longer remember any of the episode, or even the existence of Guardi. While Kirai trained Rom and his friends Blue Jet and Rod Drill he made no attempt to do so with Leina, perhaps because of her youth. Instead she largely enjoyed life on Cronos with her valet Triple Jim, but it meant she had no fighting skills when the Gyandlar finally traced the Hyribead to the planet. Leina and Jim were out shopping in a village when the Gyandlar first appeared. She and Jim were able to escape, with Kirai sending Rom, Drill and Jet to help them. While they were saved Grujios and the Devil Satan 6 were able to find Kirai and with help from Gadess, Kirai was killed. Rising Storm - the Fighting Style of Justice! Leina mourned at his cairn while Rom resolved to frustrate the Gyandlar's plans by finding the Hyribead first, setting out on a quest to follow the Wolf Emblems. Rod and Jet set out to aid him against his will, while Jim and Leina also followed on - almost immediately getting captured on their way to Sado Fortress by the Devil Satan 6 and used as leverage to force Rom, Rod and Jet to surrender. Thankfully a boy named Ziggy got them free, and Baikanfu was able to defeat the Gyandlar. Despite this showing, Rom agreed to let Leina and the others join him on the quest. Wolf Sword! Call Forth the Thunder of Courage!


When they arrived in Vira she showed considerable displeasure when Rom hit it off with the chief's daughter Min. Steal the Metal Laster! When the group journeyed to the North pole she was taken captive by the Gyandlar captain Zagam, but he released her due to her resemblance to his late partner Elura. Hot Fight at Absolute Zero! When the quest took them to Babria, Leina collapsed from the heat and humidity; left with Jim, she was captured by Battle Rocks but instead of doing anything villainous they restored her to full health, albeit after knocking Jim out. The Rock People and Mizuchi the Mysterious Dragon She was alarmed once again when Rom gained another female admirer, Sophia, as Leina considered Sophia and the Leo Clan uncouth, though it stirred her up enough to actually take part in the Clan's battle against Jingi and the Gyandlar. Sophia, Warrior Woman of the Leo Clan Being given a flower by a small boy was enough for Leina to walk straight into a trap in Dakota, and it took Drill and his old friend Combat Buggy to save the group from the machinations of the Gyandlar. Pledging Love on the Great River She was also captured by Garudi and the Devil Satan 6 when they visited Rury's dojo, though Baikanfu and Jet were able to save her. Jet! Defeat the Double Death Blade! Leina was greatly upset when the band of travellers happened upon the aftermath of a battle between the cities of Pamela and Galba. Sending Love to the Horizon Leina did at least help figure out the key to defeating the evil priest Preacher. Phantom Monk Preacher's Challenge


For once Leina didn't immediately hate another female Machine Robo when she and Jim rested at Elie, becoming fast friends with chief Pylon's daughter Canary. However, Canary had been targeted by Grujios and his band of resurrected captains; when they arrived to kidnap her they mistook Leina for Canary as the pair were wearing similar veils. Leina was taken to the Sky Castle but was able to send a telepathic message to Rom about her predicament, and he set off to rescue her with Jim and Canary. Death in the Demonic Castle in the Sky Grujios soon revealed that he had always known he had captured Leina - whereas Gadess thought he was helping find the Hyribead, Grujios in fact wanted revenge on Rom for his many defeats. When Rom arrived in the form of Kenryū, he was able to free her; however, he had to use Baikanfu to save her from Grujios' true form. Pylon arrived soon afterwards, banishing the Gyandlar to a black hole. She thanked Rom for saving her afterwards. The Demonic Castle - Farewell Grujios


While taking a break to look for flowers near Korora she felt into a pit filled with carnivorous plants but was saved by the Devil Rock Clay. She insisted the others save him and believed in him even when it was revealed he was a Gyandlar agent; in turn he saved her from an attack from the Geiger Rock Gelvar and gave her advice to defeat the Gyandlar forces. Clay died from his wounds, much to Leina's distress. The Man from Gyandlar When the group visited Cleo City and found it under the control of the Gyandlar captain Nerve, Leina found that she and the chief's daughter Sara were immune to his mind control. She stepped up, freeing Sara and Rom when they were captured, even kicking Casmodon off a building. She and Sara then destroyed Nerve with missiles, though the latter was fatally wounded in the battle. The Heart of a Protecting Angel When they all travelled to a Rock People settlement razed by the Gyandlar she once again struggled with the impact of the war on innocents, and soon after she was captured by Devil Rock, with Rom freeing her again. Rockgiran versus Rockdon


By the time the party reached Emerald City Leina had picked up a few moves at least, joining in the defence of the city walls from a Gyandlar attack. This new independence left Triple Jim feeling useless and he sneaked out on a resupply mission to prove himself, which he managed to do, impressing Leina. Gather All Machine Robo The travellers then settled as part of the Machine Robo army at the city, though Leina was offended by the arrogance of the Land Commander 5 team. She did eventually make a connection with Bike Robo, who was injured saving her from one of Garudi's Spider Missile drones. Attack, Land Commander 5! Leina made a strong impression on Apollo Robo, who collected flowers for her while on his reconnaissance missions while she chatted to him. However, he was captured by Diondra and used as a hostage to gain the Gyandlar access to one of the Machine Robo's bases. Rom was also captured; Leina freed them both with the Wolf Sword while Apollo Robo sacrificed himself to stop a missile directed at them. Cross Rock's Great Prophecy


When the Gyandlar launched a rust gas missile at the city's school Leina insisted on trying to evacuate the pupils and was badly infected in the act; Rom and a Machine Robo taskforce were able to bring back Metal Laster from Vira thanks to Harley Robo, allowing her and the children affected to be saved. Knight of the Devil's Mountain, Mask Rock Emerald City was ultimately levelled by Gadess and Leina was captured by Diondra; however, the Gyandlar ordered her released as a favour to Tough Trailer, who had saved Diondra's life. Escape from the Underground - Pro Truck Racer Appears! She was however trapped behind Gyandlar lines along with Tough Trailer, Rod Drill and the hot-headed Pro Truck Racer. Leina was injured by Double Rock during an ambush and greatly upset when Rod and Pro Truck Racer argued bitterly over their strategy. Rod was able to repair her leg while Rom and a search party from the main Machine Robo army arrived in time to save them from Garudi. Fire! Big Blazer Cannon!


After this Leina switched to regularly helping with the injured, helping Ambulance Robo tend to Tough Trailer - though she was shocked by Pro Truck Racer's apparent lack of concern for his brother. Curse of the Demon Sword Medusa When Rom, Jet, Drill, Jim and Leina set out to find new allies she became close friends with the Battle Rock Mars, unaware that he was actually the subject of Gyandlar experiments and their new secret weapon. Diondra captured Leina and tied her to a post in order to keep Mars mad, and he was eventually destroyed by a reluctant Baikanfu. Battle Rock Mars' Tears Along with Kempō Robo and Fire Robo, she fell into an abandoned temple and helped discover the Dragon Helmet, one of the four parts of the Hyribead. The Four Treasures of the Mysterious Ruins When Baikanfu was trapped in space by the reemergent Grujios, she went up with Min on a repaired Big Shuttle Robo to rescue her brother, finding Dia Man in the process. Baikanfu Disappears in Space The presence of Min at the new Battle Base seemed to spur Leina on a bit, and she joined Rom, Pro Truck Racer and Jim on the team who set out to free Ruby Man from the Devil Cave. The Secret of the Jewel People Rom, Jim, Leina, Dia Man and Ruby Man later searched for Jet and Phantom Robo when they went missing searching for Cross Rock; they had been captured by Amber Man, who eventually joined the Machine Robo forces at the Battle Base. Save Amber Man, Blazer Cannon!


She was left at the Battle Base when Rom led a squad out to protect Harley Robo's town. However, the latter was possessed by Grujios and infiltrated the base, setting loose Rockdon and Rockgiran to injure Min so he could steal the Phoenix Armor. Leina found out from Min and confronted the possessed Harley Robo but Grujios simply took possession of her body instead, trying to leave with both the Phoenix Armor and the Dragon Helmet. Jim attempted to stop her and while Grujios was able to electrocute him; Rom arrived back as well and together they forced Grujios out of Leina, though Grujios was still able to capture the Phoenix Armor. Close Call, Land Commander 5! Grujios again bothered her when he again got inside the Battle Base using a copy of Battle Gyror; Double Jet destroyed the copy while Min found the real Battle Gyror. Raise Your Gun, Heli Transer!


Along with Rom - who had lost his Wolf Sword to the Gyandlar - she was given one of Wrestler Robo's new [[Power Riser] suits and spearheaded the Machine Robo assault on the Gyandlar mothership. They were attacked by Garudi, but he received a vision of Leina as a child when he battled her and ran off into the ship. Together with Rom, she made short work of Devil Satan 6. Power Riser, Break Through the Enemy! The pair were separated by one of the ship's bulkheads; Leina was able to defeat the Gyandlar Devils but was injured in the process. She was found by Jet, who tried to treat her injuries. Baikanfu - Cry of Anger! Leina tried to persuade Jet to go and help Rom but before he could Gadess found the pair, severely injuring Jet and taking Leina prisoner. Mighty Fortress, Heavenly Sword - Jet Don't Die! Gadess taunted her and had all of the Hyribead at his disposal; Leina begged him to use it to restore the devastated Cronos but he refused. With help from a freed Guardi, Rom was able to defeat Gadess at last. After Cronos was revitalised by Rom with the Hyribead the siblings left the planet on Big Shuttle Robo to discover their origins; they crossed a dimensional gateway and were turned into organic beings. The Final Battle of Cronos

Leina Stol as Leina Haruka

Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend OVAs[edit]

Voice actor: Yuko Mizutani

She was reincarnated as the Japanese schoolgirl Leina Haruka with no memory of her past life, arriving mysteriously and joining the class of Nami Kojima, befriending the lonely girl over popular classmates Kyoko Yoshida, Sara Yamada and Yuko Sano. When Yuko disappeared, Leina and Nami were able to find out that Tide Tyrant was behind it. His presence awakened her memories of Rom, and she was able to find the Wolf Sword, which she had hidden in the school after her arrival. She was able to defeat Tide Tyrant and left the school as mysteriously as she had arrived, heading off to find her friends. Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend I Using the Wolf Sword, she was able to find Rom on Electronic Planet B-1, where he was battling Velt Zaruk. With help from Shuli and Rall she was able to help Rom defeat the villain. Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend II Together with the now-human Rod Drill, Blue Jet and Triple Jim they travelled to Ursus, which had been devastated by Baltun. Using resurrected versions of Diondra, Grujios and Devil Satan 6 the wizard was able to capture Leina, and Rom was mortally wounded fighting him. As Rom died he told Leina she was not his biological sister, having been found as a child by Kirai, and that Ursus was actually her home planet. While initially devastated, she was inspired by Rom to defeat Baltun, summoning up his armour and using the Wolf Sword to save her homeworld. Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend III


Lightning Trap: Leina and Laika OVA[edit]

Voice actor: Yuko Mizutani

Leina joined Nami, Sara and Kyoko on a trip from Tokyo to Paris onboard the Lightning L808. However, the flight was also transporting the advanced BIBLE Block and was targeted by Blue May. An explosion left Leina and a boy named Ryo she had befriended cut off from everyone else, though this meant they avoided capture. They were able to contact onboard ICPO agent Laika Strange, who directed the pair towards the secondary cockpit by crossing the plane's cargo bay. However, they were spotted by Blue May's leader Zarik, who donned the BIBLE armour and attacked them. They were saved by Laika, though she was unable to defeat the terrorist. As a result Leina and Ryo were sent by Laika to jettison the cargo bay containing Zarik. Luna attempted to stop them but was killed by the insane Zarik, allowing Leina to activate the necessary controls and dump BIBLE and the terrorist into the Arctic ocean. Laika then got her to safety, and she returned the favour by making sure Laika herself was inside the plane. She was then reunited with Nami. Lightning Trap: Leina and Laika



Soul of Chogokin[edit]

  • Baikanfu (2007)
    • ID number: GX-39
Leina Stol was included in Bandai's Soul of Chogokin Baikanfu set in November 2007. As per the usual excellence of Soul of Chogokin, the Leina Stol figure is highly accurate to the character's appearance in the anime and very well articulated. She is scaled to the Rom Stol figure featured and has a removable helmet to imitate either the robotic or organic versions of the character. She can also hold the smaller of the Wolf Swords that came with the set. The set's original RRP was ¥19,800.


ES Gokin[edit]

  • Baikanfu (2011)
    • ID number: 07
    • Accessories: small Wolf Sword, medium Wolf Sword, large Wolf Sword, Shield of Justice, Star Sword, sword holding fist, closed fist (2), open hand fist (2), spread palm fist (2), Kenryū closed fist (2), Kenryū spread palm fist (2), Rom forearm (2), Leina hair, light insert
Leina Stol was included in Artstorm/Fewture Models' ES Gokin Baikanfu set in 2011. It is a super-deformed version of the character; like the Soul of Chogokin version it cannot interact with the mecha parts of the set. The set also includes hair for Leina that can be switched for her helmet. The set retailed at ¥8,800.



Snapfit Model Kits[edit]

  • Blue Jet Robo (Machine Robo Series, 1986)
    • ID number: 2
The Snapfit plastic model kit of Blue Jet produced by Bandai in 1986 included a small unpainted figurine of Leina Stol.

Musasiya Garage Kits[edit]

  • Leina Stol (?)
A licenced resin garage kit of Leina Stol was produced by Musasiya in small numbers. The kit was in 1/12 scale (around six inches tall, having made the assumption that the Cronos Tribe members are around 6 feet tall) and requires both assembly and painting. The completed model has no articulation. The box mis-Romanised the character's name as "Reina Stol".
  • Leina Special (?)
Another 1/12 resin kit, this one depicted Leina in a bikini lying on her side, with her hair loose and the helmet as an accessory. Considering the nature of some garage kits and the attention Leina gained at the time from some Doujinshi this could have been a lot worse. The box again mis-Romanised the name as "Reina".
  • Leina Stol (?)
Musasiya also made a 1/6 scale resin version of Leina, standing about 12 inches tall. As well as being larger, this kit included a Wolf Sword and alternate head options, referencing Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend.

A complete, painted version of the kit.
  • Leina Stol (?)
Musasiya made a second 1/6 scale resin version of Leina, standing about 12 inches tall. This version was modelled on her Leina Haruka incarnation from Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend I, or partly anyway - while it included a fabric school uniform for the model it could also be assembled and painted so she was wearing a bikini. Alternative legs were included so the model could either stand or recline.


Excellent Model Core[edit]

Bandai subsidiary MegaHouse made a figurine of Leina for their Excellent Model Core series in 2006. While the figure was not articulated, being permanently stuck cracking off a salute with one knee bent, the helmet could be removed, and the included Wolf Sword could either be placed in the figure's left hand or slung across its' back.


Circle Garage Kit[edit]

Released by Circle in September 2006, this limited-run licenced garage kit of Leina Stol was in 1/7 scale, and thus around 10" tall. The sculpt was created by Toria, and featured Leina in her Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos outfit but with her Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend human-type hair, and in her classic "drinking from a sports bottle" pose.

Stay classy, Japan.

Gutto Kuru Collection[edit]

  • Leina Stol (2014)
    • ID number: 41
Leina Stol was released in CM's Gutto Kuru ("Good-Looking") line of licenced highly poseable anime characters, in 1/8 scale. She has five alternate heads, two alternate sets of armour and two versions of the Wolf Sword. Through different combinations the figure can resemble both the robotic version from Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos and the organic version from the Wolf Sword Legend OVAs. Thankfully there's no schoolgirl option. It retailed at ¥12,390.


  • Her name is sometimes incorrectly Romanised as Reina.
  • At the height of her fame, Leina "hosted" a column in Newtype magazine, named "Ask Leina".
  • Leina Stol was originally planned to be reincarnated for Machine Robo: Battle Hackers before the decision was made to take Leina and Rom off into the OVAs. Patricia Longfellow was created instead, though Leina made a brief background cameo in "Strongest Warrior - R.JeTan!".
  • In the French dub of the anime, Revenge of the GoBots, Leina was renamed Agi, the same name given to A.J. in the dub of Challenge of the GoBots. The changing of a competent black human to an incompetent Caucasian robot may be the maddest thing to happen in the GoBots franchise. But it may not. If nothing else her general plot function through the series means Leina is closer in personality to Nick Burns... Régine Teyssot provided the voice of both French versions of Agi.