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CM's Corporation was a Japanese toy company, best known for their toys based on popular vintage anime series. Founded in 2003 by Takahiro Miyazaki and Hideki Nakabachi, the toy's best known range was their Brave Gokin line, a Soul of Chogokin-style series based on high-end low-volume ABS & diecast figures based on classic anime mecha; though it mainly consisted of licences best described as "cult" such as Patlabor, Brave, Ippatsuman and others that Bandai didn't pursue for whatever reason it did include an updated version of Gordian Warrior, the original Popy version of which had been the basis of Baikanfu. Both founders died within three months in 2009 and the company declared bankruptcy five years later.

Their other main line was the Gutto Kuru Collection ("Good-Looking") of highly poseable PVC/ABS anime characters with myriad interchangeable body parts and accessories. While the series did feature some male characters there was an inevitable preponderance of busty open-mouthed female characters in revealing and often removable clothes. Presumably a line of body pillows was stopped by insolvency.

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