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The name or term "Machine Robo" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Machine Robo (disambiguation).

Machine Robo are a species of sentient robot. Their precise origins and abilities vary depending on which fictional universe is in place.

Romulos[edit | edit source]

1982 fiction[edit | edit source]

The Machine Robo were large transforming mecha built by the people of Romulos, who sent them from their planet to their former home of Earth to protect it from the alien Dogra. There they were controlled in the battles by the human Takeru Akiba, with help from the super-computer Buddy. Source:Machine Robo 1982

1985 fiction[edit | edit source]


The Machine Robo were created by inhabitants of Romulos, and had the ability to convert into vehicles. Thanks to the creation of Romtron and Ionoid energy they were incredibly powerful, and could grow up to 600 times their original size if fully fuelled. They helped with a variety of roles, including disaster response. However, when the Cygnus star the planet orbited rapidly collapsed into a black hole the beings that built them perished. The Machine Robo escaped the planet, though many were sucked into the black hole and emerged in the Casmo Zone, evolving into the dark Devil Invaders. The remaining Machine Robo then travelled to Earth, which had been targeted by the Devil Invaders, repelling their attacks. They later built the Techno Planet to draw the Devil Invaders' attention away. Source:Machine Robo 1985

The size of the Machine Robo varied considerably, from the 270m tall Battleship Robo to the 2.3m tall Scooter Robo and 3-Wheel Buggy Robo. Source:Machine Robo statistics

Cronos[edit | edit source]


The Machine Robo of Cronos were divided into several tribes - the converting Battle Tribe, Jet Tribe, Rock People, Fossil Men and Leo Clan, and the non-converting Cronos Tribe. Many shared body types with other residents of the planet, with sometimes a whole settlement being made up of one type. Others lived together in large mixed cities. Two genders and family units also existed within the planet's Machine Robo society. Despite seeming very technologically advanced, the people of Cronos lived a feudal life with travel and communication between settlements seeming rare. Most were 2-3 metres tall, though some - such as Battleship Robo and Big Shuttle Robo - were considerably larger.

Some sort of centralised system appears to have eventually developed during the Gyandlar invasion, when Emerald City became a hub of the Machine Robo resistance and some organisation was provided by the city leaders and the travelling adventurers led by Rom Stol. Following the defeat of the Gyandlar a large number of the Machine Robo, including the majority of the heroes from the war against the aliens, opted to leave the planet of Cronos for further adventures. These crossed a dimensional gateway The Final Battle of Cronos and most became the population of Electronic Planet B-1. Burning Electronic Planet With no memory of their previous lives they fought the Gurendos on the planet under some degree of control by the computer RIM. B-1 was in fact an abandoned human weapons testing facility. While this was discovered by the crew of the Earth starship Good Luck when it arrived on B-1 by accident but they were unable to free the Machine Robo before being sent off the planet. Goodbye - Battle Forever

Instead the Machine Robo were rescued by a returning organic Rom Stol, Blue Jet, Rod Drill and Triple Jim, leaving B-1 for parts unknown under the leadership of R. JeTan shortly before the wizard Velt Zaruk appeared on the planet. Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend II

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