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Min (ミン) is a member of the Cronos Tribe from Cronos.

She lives in Vira, where her father Narum is chief. She's handy with a crossbow and probably deserves an OVA series more than Leina Stol does.


Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Yoshino Takamori, Yumi Takada

Min was given a necklace with the location of the Metal Laster by her father. Rom Stol and his friends entered Vira looking for something to clean the effects of corrosive quicksand from Rod Drill. However the villagers mistook them for the Gyandlar who had raided neighbouring Achibuski - with Min clearly relishing a chance to fire her crossbow. The travellers were about to leave when the Devil Satan 6 arrived and took Min hostage, trying to get the secret of the Metal Laster out of Narum - however, he threatened to kill himself if the Gyandlar didn't let everyone free. While he led the Devil Satan 6 to the cave where the substance was kept. there was an uneasy truce; Min offered to help the travellers find the Metal Laster for Drill, showing Rom and Jet the map she had hidden in her necklace. She seemed to be developing an attachment to Rom, much to the displeasure of his sister Leina Stol. After a scuffle with Rom and Blue Jet the Gyandlar escaped with the Laster - though after they went Narum revealed they had only stolen a decoy flash of acid water. He then used the real Metal Laster to revive Drill.Steal the Metal Laster!


Min remembered Rom with fondness and was only too happy to help when Leina Stol and many of the children of Emerald City were hit by a rust gas bomb. She and Narum made sure a large quantity of Metal Laster was ready when a team of Machine Robo arrived to collect it. Knight of the Devil's Mountain, Mask Rock Soon afterwards she hitched a lift to Emerald City on Land Giant 32 in order to help build the Battle Base, only to find that Rom was missing in space. Along with Leina, she oversaw the repair of Big Shuttle Robo and set off back into space, where they found Baikanfu trapped in metal. Dia Man helped them get him free and they were able to return him to Cronos in time to fend off a Gyandlar assault. Baikanfu Disappears in Space The Battle Base was soon completed, and Min opted to stay and help the fight against Gadess' forces. The Secret of the Jewel People Along with Leina, Min congratulated the new members of the Land Commander 5 teams with kisses before a Gyandlar strategy drew many of the Machine Robo away from the Battle Base. She found Harley Robo, possessed by Grujios, acting strangely but he knocked her out; she was able to warn Leina when she returned. Close Call, Land Commander 5! Min got some measure of revenge on Grujios by finding the real Battle Gyror, replaced with a copy by the Gyandlar, and flying out with him to expose the duplicate. Raise Your Gun, Heli Transer! Later during the final assault on the Gyandlar mothership she piloted Triple Jim; together they were able to join Baikanfu, Jet, Drill, Pro Truck Racer and Tough Trailer in storming Gadess' bridge - only to find that the Gyandlar was just an illusion. Baikanfu - Cry of Anger! She bore witness to Rom releasing his brother Guardi Stol from the Garudi armour but the group were trapped in a melting room by Gadess. Mighty Fortress, Heavenly Sword - Jet Don't Die! Jet was able to free them and Min then took part in the final battle to defeat the Gyandlar. After the battle she ultimately opted to stay on Cronos rather than follow Rom and Leina into space. The Final Battle of Cronos



Musasiya Garage Kits[edit]

  • Min (?)
A licenced resin garage kit of Min was produced by Musasiya in small numbers. The kit was in 1/12 scale (around six inches tall, having made the assumption that the Cronos Tribe members are around 6 feet tall) and requires both assembly and painting. The completed model has no articulation.