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Land Commander 5 (ランドコマンダー5) is a Machine Robo Battle Suit system, consisting of five individual units - a Command Tank and four Power Suits.


Machine Robo commercials[edit]

BattleArmor5 LandCommander5.jpg

When huge malevolent face appeared above a futuristic city and unleashed swarms of Devil Invaders, the Machine Robo mobilised in response - forming Battle Armor 5. Land Commander 5 joined them as the giant took to the air, fired a single blast into the face and the sky cleared. Battle Armor 5

Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos cartoon[edit]


The Land Commander 5 team were one of the key units defending Emerald City from the Gyandlar, Gather All Machine Robo composed of Bike Robo, Police Car Robo, Ambulance Robo, Jeep Robo and Shuttle Robo. While the team were successful they were also a little arrogant, and reacted sneeringly to the arrival of Rom Stol, Leina Stol, Blue Jet, Rod Drill and Triple Jim, even going as far as to openly mock the late Kirai Stol. They remained so even after Garudi's Spider drones disabled Land Commander 5 until Rom used the Wolf Sword to free the Battle Suit. They finally learnt some respect after Ambulance Robo was damaged in a subsequent attack and Rod Drill took his place on the team, with Land Commander 5 and Baikanfu working together to stop Garudi's attack. Attack, Land Commander 5! Land Commander 5 later helped Baikanfu battle Devil Satan 6 and foil a Gyandlar scheme to melt the frozen lake next to Emerald City. Cross Rock's Great Prophecy They were again assembled to fight when the Gyandlar were able to infiltrate the city in the back of Tough Trailer, taking out several of the invaders. 10 Seconds Before the Explosion! Run, Tough Trailer! The Battle Suit helped destroy the limpet mines used to attack the Machine Robo by Diondra. Escape from the Underground - Pro Truck Racer Appears! After the construction of the Battle Base the team was reorganised, with Bike Robo handling drilling recruits while Jeep Robo and Police Car Robo were switched to security duties. In their place Missile Tank Robo, Fire Robo and Porsche Robo were added to the Land Commander 5 unit. The new line-up experienced a baptism of fire when Grujios released Rockdon and Rockgiran onboard the base. Land Commander 5 attempted to fight the latter but found its' primeval power hard to match and was forced into the base's engine room with potentially catastrophic results; thankfully Harley Robo was able to deactivate Rockgiran. Close Call, Land Commander 5! Land Commander 5 then attempted to defend the base from the Gyandlar's prototype weather machine but was damaged by lightning, leading to the decision to fetch powerful explosives from Cleo City to destroy the device. Full Power, Wheelmen! The giant was then part of the assault on the Gyandlar mothership, gaining access to the ship along with Rod Drill. Baikanfu - Cry of Anger!

Machine Robo: Battle Hackers cartoon[edit]

Land Commander 5 was activated to search for the missing Akira Amachi in Crystal City. Crystal Eavesdropping Strategy



Machine Robo[edit]

  • Land Commander 5 (Battle Suit, 1986)
    • Parts: MR-CT, MR-P1 Power Suit, MR-P2 Power Suit, MR-P3 Power Suit, MR-P4 Power Suit, Feet (2), Fists (2), Blaster Barrel, Blaster Handle, Small Blasters (2), Missiles
Only available in Japan as a boxed set, Land Commander 5 includes all the components to complete the giant robot. Only the Command Tank was a new mold; the Power Suits were recoloured from Battle Armor 5. The Command Tank and each of the Power Suits can hold selected figures from the Machine Robo series thanks to opening hatches and, in the case of the Power Suits, spring-loaded closing panels. The Command Tank converts into Land Commander 5's torso and thighs, with the Power Suits forming the rest of the limbs. While both the arms and legs are interchangeable with each other instructions and box photography show P1 as the right arm, P2 as the left arm, P3 as the right leg and P4 as the left leg. The feet contain small spring-loaded missile launchers and have small opening compartments that can store the robot's fists inside. Land Commander 5 included a list of the Machine Robo which could fit in each suit; however this only covered figures available in Japan up to that point.
The figure was later planned to be recoloured as the GoBots Power Warrior Nemesis, but the figure was never released. The set was also skipped in Europe, despite being advertised in the 1985 Robo Machine catalogue.

Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos[edit]

  • Land Commander 5 (Battle Suit, 1986)
    • ID number: MRB
    • Parts: MR-CT, MR-P1 Power Suit, MR-P2 Power Suit, MR-P3 Power Suit, MR-P4 Power Suit, Feet (2), Fists (2), Blaster Barrel, Blaster Handle, Small Blasters (2), Missiles
Land Commander 5 was reissued for the Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos toyline in updated packaging. The figure was assigned to the Battle Tribe, and featured no changes from the original release.

Fit List[edit]

A full fit list is: