Cross Rock's Great Prophecy

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Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos ep 26
"Cross Rock's Great Prophecy"
("KUROSUROKKU no dai yogen")
Production company Ashi Productions
Airdate 25 December, 1986
Written by Nobuaki Kishima
Directed by Shigeru Omachi

Once again Leina's love of flowers results in death and destruction.

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Synopsis[edit | edit source]


Gadess is growing impatient at Emerald City's continued resistance, so Garudi hatches a fresh plan - heating a frozen lake to the West of the city and flooding it; the city's inhabitants have a secret base underneath the lake. Rom and Blue Jet meanwhile have captured an intruder found frozen under the lake - Cross Rock, who has had a vision that the lake will melt after fire rains from the sky. Patrols on the lake are unable to find anything amiss. However Apollo Robo is ambushed by Diondra and the Devil Satan 6 when picking flowers for Leina and captured. Garudi begins mining the powerful fire energy crystals needed for melting the lake while Diondra tortures Apollo Robo, hoping to find the entrance to the base under the lake, but he refuses to talk. She orders an attack on the city anyway. Cross Rock has further visions under meditation and warns Rom and the city leaders to evacuate immediately; Rom tries to calm him down while Leina is worried about the overdue Apollo Robo - but above the lake Cessna Robo has spotted the Gyandlar attack.


Rom leads the troops out to meet Diondra. The Gyandlar splinter-missile artillery inflicts heavy casualties until Rom charges Diondra and takes out the cannon. She produces the bound Apollo Robo and tells him she will kill the prisoner if Rom doesn't show her the secret entrance to the base and hand over the Wolf Sword. Apollo Robo begs him not to comply but Rom drops the sword and surrenders; he and Apollo Robo are chained to the front of Diondra's tank for the next assault. Rod Drill and the others are forced to retreat rather than fire on their comrades, showing Diondra where the entrance to the secret base is as they go. Just then Garudi arrives in the Varigale-X ready to melt the lake - after a brief argument with Diondra he drops the firebombs anyway. The heat haze allows Leina to get out of the entrance without being seen, using the Wolf Sword to free Rom and Apollo Robo. Rom summons Baikanfu but is prevented from stopping Garudi by Devil Satan 6. Land Commander 5 joints the fray, giving Baikanfu chance to redirect the fire energy onto the Gyandlar forces. Diondra retreats but Garudi fires a missile towards the side of the lake; to save the city Apollo Robo jumps onto the weapon and redirects it into the sky, seemingly sacrificing himself. Jet thanks Cross Rock for his warning as the lake is refrozen. Leina hopes that Apollo Robo will return one day.

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first appearance of Cross Rock.
  • Cross Rock has spent ten years frozen, apparently meditating. His visions reverse recent trends by largely featuring Cronos Tribe generics rather than the Jet/Battle Tribe types who seem to make up most of Emerald City's population.
  • Bike Robo has recovered from his injuries in the previous episode.

Home video releases[edit | edit source]

Laser Disc

1992Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos Box (Toshiba EMI)


2001Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos DVD-Box 2 (Pioneer)


2022Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos (Discotek Media, USA)